Wednesday, May 19, 2010

needing a little self validation

So I kind of feel like kelly and I are fun. I also feel like funny things happen to us that maybe don't happen to everyone else. Kelly often likes to refer to our marriage as Team Carlson. We are suppose to be a united front and take on all things together.. sort of there is no "I" in team mentality.

He uses this analogy often, especially when he is trying to make a point. For example when I am doing something he is not so fond of. " You are on team Pangle(my maiden name), and off of Team Carlson." or, "Where are you and why aren't you on Team Carlson?" and Now I say this and also put the caveat out there that he is just playing around with me and not being a jerk, since not all of you have been fortunate enough to meet my darling hubs. I use this saying as well when the situation is reversed and he is having a selfish moment.

Well when we first started running we were Team Carlson and we always tried to stay together and do it as a team. Well when we did our first half marathon it was all about TC. As we are walking up to the start line Kelly turns to me and says, "would you like me to stay with you?" PS. Kelly is faster than me, but he is not the best on sticking to the training plan. He was also traveling for 2 weeks before the race for weddings and bachelor parties, so he wasn't in the best shape for running it.

So I honestly tell him no it doesn't bother me, because you will always wonder how good you could have done. When that gun went off he took off. I fell in pace with a guy that had a garmin watch (kelly wears the garmin, not me. If you know anyone at garmin tell them there is a sad girl in arkansas that is running barefoot in overalls and would love one!)

I found out he wanted a 950 pace to put him finishing at 2:10. Well at mile 7 Bart Yasso (famous runner- who shot the gun) catches up with me and I fall instride next to him. Then I realize the figure ahead of me that looks like it is about to collapse is my husband. So I slow down and get next to him. This I can tell has crushed his little running spirit and he is distraught that I had caught up to him. He then began to hit the prevebial wall. He started talking about not being able to finish and how he couldn't go on.. I am normally the cheerleader and non-confrantational. I ask with a please and I use honey to catch my flies... I flipped the switch and might as well have become the hulk or that mean old coach from varsity blues.

I started running next to him and telling him to suck it up and come on... This went on for a minute or two until he looked at me and said the code word..

Side note-- We have a code word, whenever the other one is getting out of line, taking a joke a little to far, or the other one really needs something. I blogged about the code word before, but it was like a year ago. SO here is your recap. Don't ask about the code word, it is a word we haven't told anyone hence why it is our code word. We may use it the next time we are at your house when we really want to leave and can't come out and say it.

Well he used the all powerful code word which meant he was pretty serious and strugglin so I slowed down and ran with him until mile 11 or so and he told me to go on he could finish on his own.
Needless to say we both finished and trained much better for the next race..

So a few weeks ago we were hanging out with our friends Amanda & Chad and we got to talking to them about it and it has been on my mind. Does anyone else do this or are we the only crazies?

What about when you and hubs are ready to leave? How do you give the lets roll signal?
Also on my mind if my complete and utter failure last night. I tried to sew again... alone.. and it was an awful experience.

It started when Kelly and I tried to go for a run. My shins are still hurting and as soon as we took off I felt like I was running in place. It was like I wasn't even moving! Each step made me almost limp. By the time I hit mile 1 I was hobbeling and super upset. I love running and when things like this get in the way it really really bothers me. So please keep me and my shin's in your prayers.
I really think I was distraught about the shin thing and not really focusing on what I was doing, but I knew that I wanted to stop thinking about it, so I thought I would give sewing a chance to take my mind off of it. Well I was out of it and completley forgot all the things Jdawg taught us about sewing.

First off I couldn't get my lines straight. (anyone out there that sews.. how do you make sure the lines you are tracing are straight and not slanted up or down?) Then instead of leaving an inch or so around the lines to be able to have room to sew.. I just went ahead and cut on the lines. My burp cloth has now turned in to a wash cloth.

I go in to where my sewing machine is and try to start stitching my little wash cloth back together again. Then I realize I don't have a desk or table for me to sew on. Our Dinning room table is a bar height table and I can't reach the foot peddle if I sit there..Our desk has the computer on it, and our kitchen table is still in the process of being refinished. (oh and anyone that knows where I can find fun and funky chairs for my kitchen table let me know I want a hodge podge of chairs) So in order to satisfy my craving for being able to do at least one thing productive last night I decide to make due and use the dresser! wow.

this is how I looked hunched over my dresser.

So then to top it all off I was still in my own little zone and realized I never put the foot down on the sewing machine. So there I was "sewing" away and I wasn't even making lines! When I walked out off the bedroom Kelly was like let me see what you made.. I proceeded to act like a 2 year old and threw it on the ground. I think I even stomped whined something about being horrible, but I can't be sure.

So much for my self validating project

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Anonymous said...

we don't have a code word but that would be a good idea. We usually have a look. However I am usually waiting on Theron to finish talking to someone. You know that I am going to be trying to figure out the word now ;0) for my own amusement