Monday, May 3, 2010

carlson party of 3?

Kelly and I had no major plans this weekend. We knew we needed mulch and that we were going to a friends house on Saturday night, but other than that we had nothing really concrete to do.
Saturday morning I got up at about 8 to take Callaway to the vet. Since his last stint in the vet’s office he was NOT excited to go back. I tried to hold him at first, but he was flippin out. I had claw marks on my chest and neck from him thrashing around. The Vet finally said how about I have someone come in and help.

Kelly then wanted to go by the Habitat Re-store. It is this store in Bentonville that all the builders & contractors donate all there stuff to after they are done with a project. We have been looking for a new back door and Saturday when we went we found a new table instead. We have a dinning room table, but we need a kitchen table. I wanted a thrift store table with all different chairs. I have been looking for one for a few months now and I am so excited to have found one. It was a pretty cherry wood color at one time, but the people who owned it before painted the thing black! Kelly was so excited about the table! I was to, but he was very excited.. He is happy to have a family project for us to work on!

Well I had some questions about the best way to stain and refinish a table, so I had to go to my go to handy girl Kathryn Ann. She is like a regular Martha Stewart. She told us to strip it first, then to look at the color and determine what color to stain it after we see what we have first. She is like a wise ole owl! So we went to Lowe’s and picked up some stripper and we should start on the project tonight. I will try to remember to take pictures so you can see the progress..
When I go home Kelly & I went to Wal-Mart & Sam’s and had a super speed shop. Kelly was doing good through wal-mart and ok for the first 10 minutes of Sam’s, then all the sudden he was done. I could see the melt down coming on so we had a full on sprint shopping through Sam’s.

My sweet friend Meagen called me last week and asked me for a favor.. She got her boyfriend a set up golf clubs for his birthday and she had to go pick them up. Well, she was scared to go out to Bella Vista and them up on her own. I totally don’t blame her and I was very glad that she called and asked me to go with her. Well when she called on Saturday I was in a selfish mode and wanted to take a nap rather than go get golf clubs, but Megan is such a sweetie & I would hate to think of her going out to some creepers house alone so I grabbed a diet coke and was ready to go. I am so glad I went. It was one of those things I think God put in my plan for a reason. Meagen and I got on the subject of money and our lives and just what was on our mind. The thing was, we were both worrying about the exact same things. Yes, we are both in a little different stage in our life, but the basis was the same. It was really comforting to know that everyone struggles with being content. I think that is one of my biggest battles. Just know that what God has given me is what I am meant to have and he will never give me to more than I can handle struggle wise, and just like the Matthew verse the other day, he will always provide for me what I need. Meagen, I am so glad that we had the talk that we had. I needed it.

Saturday night we got to hang out with some super fabulous people. My friend Amanda, who is the one that invited me to the painting party and to Kitchen Queens, he husband Chad, & Holly & Matt. Kelly & I had so much fun with them. We went over to Matt & Holly’s house and they live on the golf course in Shadow Valley. Right off the bat, Kelly had decided he was a BIG FAN of Matt since he lived right on the golf course. Matt & Holly were fabulous hosts. Holly had appetizers out and never let us run out of food or beverages. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures.. but it was just a low key fun night and quite honestly I was having so much fun I forgot about taking them! Amanda & Chad had Georgia Kelly there sweet daughter and Holly and Matt let Cole come visit for a bit. It was past Cole’s bedtime, so we didn’t get much QT with him. We did with GK though. Kelly wanted to hold her, he told us his wise friend Hunter told him that babies were easy, "You just move em around a bit.”

It was really great to have friends to hang out with that feel the same way as Kelly and I do. We were able to talk about everything from bebe’s, to religion, to work, to hobbies and they were all similar interests. It was also funny to see the differences in the couple. Amanda, Kelly, Matt, & I are all very similar we all pretty extroverted. Chad and Holly are more introverted, but Holly & Chad are also dry sneak up on you humor people.. For example, they may not talk a lot, but when they do it is always something interesting or funny.

Kelly told me after the fact that he really licked Amanda.. he loved how “uncensored” she is, she was just real. He said she reminded him of me since I often have word vomit & have a tendency to not think before I speak.. in which I offend people with out meaning to. When we got in the car he said he had so much fun and really loved how great GK was & how he hopes are good like that…

Which brings me to our conversation we had about bebe’s.

A few posts ago I posted about Bebe’s and I thought Kelly was actually holding them without being forced. Well then I posted about worry. The more and more I think about children the more and more I worry. I worry about our plan. I worry about time, I worry about when & if we will be able to have them..Well I have been worrying, but I haven’t clued in my husband about my worry. Why? I don’t know. It should have been a clue when he started picking them up and actually playing with the ones at church, but I guess I was being a coward and hoping that he would read my blog and he would bring it up rather than have me man up and initiate the conversation.

Saturday we were driving and he brought it up. So, me being like a faucet I poured it all out. How much I wanted to go to Italy and how I felt like I wanted children sooner rather than latter and how I felt like we were running out of time to do all those things. He looked and me and told me he was actually wanting to be a parent now. I almost cried right then. After more discussion we came to an agreement, after the cruise this summer we are going to start saving for Italy. Once we have gotten the amount that we wanted saved up we will go, LORD willing next May or June, if not we keep saving until we can go. Once we touchdown on the beautiful Italian countryside… we will start trying. This plan made me breathe a huge sigh of relief. Then I also needed to realize that this is mine and kelly’s plan, not God’s. I am disappointed in myself that I thought of God after the plan was developed, but I am human and it is the truth. Since this realization I have been praying that whatever God’s plan is to help me to recognize it and to be patient with what ever he has planned…So, if you think of it from time to time.. I would be honored if you kept us in your prayers.

*This post was a lot of words.. so I threw in some picture to keep you all entertained.. Hope it worked!**
Not gonna lie.. it feels like we have just made some HUGE decision in our lives..


Hannah said...

My head is literally spinning!!! ha! But seriously, that sounds like a really really great plan! I'll keep praying for you guys though... I know that's a tough decision!!!! Love you!

erin f. said...

I think that sounds like a good plan! I love how open and honest you are about all of this, I think that a lot of people go through that about kids, I know I did...and still do. I am so happy right now to have a healthy baby, but I already have anxiety about the "what ifs" of the future. I was almost convinced that I wouldn't be able to have a baby, for no reason what so ever, I just convinced myself, and then boom, we had a baby right away. God is ultimately in control but it is always a relief to have a plan!

Anonymous said...

ok maybe I shouldnt read your posts backwards :0) Im happy for youens!