Tuesday, May 4, 2010

when i was a child

Work out Summary:

½ mile warm up 8:30 Pace
1-800 at 10k pace (2 laps around, 3minutes 50 seconds)
1-1k at 1 mile pace (2 ½ times around, 4minutes 27 seconds)
1-800 at 10k pace (2 laps around, 3 minutes, 49 seconds)

2minute break..
½ mile cool down for a total of 4 miles.

I didn’t stay for plyometrics this time.. I thought I would throw up if I did. Instead, Kelly & I cam home and started working on our table.

Then Callaway wanted to help

Then while the goop was working its magic on our table.. I got bored and went to take pictures of our yard!

We have needed new mulch for a while and Kelly & Theron went on Sunday to get it.. it makes such a HUGE difference
This is the before picture...

Those are our Crepe Myrtles..
They will look like this hopefully eventually

Since I was still waiting fot the stripper to take effect, I started going through the boxes of my old stuff that my dad brought over...WOW the blessing of being an only child was that they will save everything!!!
I am planning on selling these on Ebay or to some collector in hopes that I cna buy a china hutch!

NKOTB? I wanted to pose them better but Kelly was getting annoyed!

my chalkboard table

Don't Judge me.. I was a tomboy who liked comic books...

who thought dressing me in this was a good idea?

the Get-a-long gang? I lOved them sooo!

This is a huge box of notes.. ALL NOTES from high school & jr high.
KellY & I sat and read some of these last night and they just crack me up!! They were from high shcool boyfriend who told me we were going to get married.. AHAHA!!!
Speaking of high school...

Notice Callaway in the back ground.. he thinks I am crazy!

**P.S. I want to learn to sew.. SOOO BAD.. do yall know anyone who could/would teach me?**

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Anonymous said...

how did the goop turn out? I have a sewing machine and know how to use it and can follow a pattern.... if that counts as sewing?