Monday, July 12, 2010

love me some lazy

Captian's Dinner
I downloaded the pictures from the cruise.. all 500 of them! I downloaded them on our home computer as opposed to the laptop. Well that requires me to go and sit in the office and upload those to the blog. So, I am sorry but I am lazy and there was a harry potter marathon on this weekend, which means I really didn't want to go and hang out in the office. Which means one day when I am lacking my creativeness I will try to post pictures.
bed friends that came to visit nightly

this was a really cool church we saw in barbados

Klee and I ventured out to Barbados alone while the boys golfed and Julie got some sun. Not gonna lie I have decided that when we travel oversees I want the whole family to go. I know that I may sound stupid, but after being in some of those places it just made me think. What would we do if something happened to us.. we don't have phones, but if we did who could we actually call?

The dock at Saint Maarten

the 4 of us before we went ziplining

ok so i took this cause it is random..a HUGE wheel of cheese for ONLY 29 USD!

St Maatren our favorite island
We learned that St M is divided, half of the island is Dutch and the other half is Frence.
Something on the Dutch side was 99 cents, the French 3 bucks!
Where would you shop?

the dutch chocolate shop, yep i bought some don't judge me

Nothing says I love chocolate like  a naked boy peeing!

the special kid plays in sand!
Kurt didn't want the water to get him so he built a retaining wall.

This weekend Kelly was playing in a golf tournament and he had to be there at 7am Saturday morning. Well I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and decided since it wasn't 100 degrees out I would try to run. I did about 2.5 miles at a 8:20 pace, just like old times except that I could only run 2.5 miles and I was really mad at myself. So I decided to ride my bike to meet my grandma and dad at the farmers market. We walked around for an hour or so and I got some okra and onions. After that I went home and got the jeep. I figured I couldn't carry all the groceries and ride my bike. I cleaned the house and finishes laundry and waited for Kelly to come home.. He finally got home at 6 he started helping with the tournament and got caught up.

Sunday we went to church and had a pretty uneventful Sunday. I did make dinner and I was pretty proud of my accomplishment and took a picture!

Potato's, onions, and okra with a protein style turkey burger with tomatoes and fat free pepper jack cheese. SO GOOD!

Tonight is sewing class with Aunt J and JWOW. We are making dresses and maybe working on appliques! I am pretty excited,I am making my friend amanda's daughter a dress, if I get really good I may send one to my friend Tonya in texas. We were really close when kelly and I lived in dallas and I haven't seen her or her sweet baby ana in about 3 years!!!The appliques came from a blog I stumbled upon.. I will take pictures if resembles the project it was modeled after. If it turns out like crap yall can't see!

This week is super busy. Kelly joked with me that I wasn't going to be able to make my lunch for the next day or I may not have time to pre-fill my water bottles. He thinks he's funny. Today was lunch with my daddy and grandma at Fred's cause that is all gma likes! Then sewing tonight.

Tomorrow is lunch with my friend allison, then meeting up with some friends at eddies for the ole class reunion meeting. Wednesday a big group of girls from work are seeing Eclipse and then Thursday I am super excited to have lunch with sassy amanda. Thursday night is my massage and maybe by friday I will be able to remember my name!

(the massage is totally in the budget. they were like 200 on the ship, and I figured why spend that on a ship when I can be out in the sun? I will just get one when I get home and it will be like I prolonged the vaca!

Anyone have any good recommendations for a masseuse?


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