Thursday, July 29, 2010

take me down to china town

As I am sure you read yesterday because you all absolutely love to read my blog daily, know that I am getting a china hutch! We should be picking it up on Monday and I will take pictures for you. Here are some to hold you over.

Well I have had some serious sleepless nights worrying about this whole china pattern thing. yep I know I am a complete anal retentive freak show that worries about stupid things, but this is me.. stay a while. So anyway, my china is white, silver, and blue.. please see below.

Now I still to this day think that it is beautiful and I love it. However, every thing in my house is warm tones as opposed to the cool blue in the china. STRESSED! Well when I went to decorate the house I just went with all the colors I loved and decided not to worry about it. Now that I actually have a china hutch for my china this has become something that i think of all the time. When I come home and look at my house I start thinking about how I will make this flow.

I like this one.. To busy with plates & it is MUCH thicker than my fancy dancy china


Then I liked this one.. Still a little to busy...

Well for a while I searched for patterns that had red and the blue in it. Everything that I found was much to busy. So I began to think of colors that would look good and I thought of orange. Then today I got an email from Dillard's letting me know that now through Saturday you can get an addition 40% off of clearance. yes please. I went to the store on lunch and was super annoyed when I realized that the store is only doing 30% off. With the shipping for my purchase though it did make more sense to buy it in the store. I purchased this pattern to tie in the orange and reds that are in the other rooms.

Then there was this one.. Aww just right...

Ok so what do yall think?? I got 4 place setting of this set (minus the coffee mugs) PLUS the teapot & a big serving bowl.

I also saw this one, but it is about 75 bucks more?

Ok pretty girls & boys.. I would LOVE your comments on this one!
Do  you see my vision or am I color blind?

Tomorrow is Friday!

1 Corinthians 15:58

 "Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."



Anonymous said...

I love that burnt orange one, the second from the last. It is like the perfect mix between mod and vintage.

Claire @ Completely Claire said...

Found you on the blog hop~ I totally get you!!!!! I love the ORANGE! But it is also my fav color! You are not crazy, promise!!!

Danielle Taylor said...

I love all 4 of those sets and also your original! I think the orange one is so cute! I like the red too but not for $75 more!!

Miss M! said...

The one you picked is my favorite out of all of these. It actually reminds me a lot of my duvet cover! So pretty, but clean and modern. Love it.

SiMmOnS FaMiLy said...

Hey Cortney! I happened to run across your blog from another friend from college. I hope your doing great!
Tara Beth