Thursday, July 15, 2010

girl time is the right time

Tuesday night since the reunion meeting was moved I went home and decided to work on craft projects. jlove jokes with me that my sewing machine only seems to work when we have sewing parties.. kind of true. I think part of that has to do with the fact that i don't really have a place to set up.. I have to haul the sewing machine out and then get everything set up which by the time I have done that the urge has passed. Well Kelly finished his homework and I let him go out and play for a little bit. Our friend Marcus sent him a text asking him to hang out. I got a little upset by this text. Marcus and I have known each other for a very long time and I guess I expect a text as well. Well Kelly played it out for a while before finally telling me it was guys night and I was not allowed.

So I pulled up the DVR and started some girl stuff! We started with HGTV's design star. I heart Dan, he is so sweet, and not to mention beautiful blue eyes. Well he is TO sweet and tried to help everyone else and his stuff took a back seat, so he got kicked off. You can however go on to HGTV and vote for him to have his own show!

After Design Star was Bachlorette, so long Kirk. I like Kirk a lot more than Frank and I am pretty sad that he is still in the running. Then I finished up with The Gates! Always good to watch some cheesy vampire drama.

After my girls show fix I got out the staple gun and recovered another one of my chairs.

I then cut some fabric for our sewing party this weekend.

Yesterday was girls night at Mojito's and Eclipse. I loved Eclipse. The movie was so good. They did a really good job of making you fall for jacob. Well I at least fell for him all over again!

So we all know I am on the hunt for a china hutch.. I found one that is absolutely perfect. The girl from craig's list won't call me back. Kind of sad about this. It was a great price, and kelly even liked it. Sad day. I am assuming they sold it, but some small piece of me keeps hoping that they are out of town. Probably not though huh?

Also, stay tuned because I am doing a give away!!! I will have a very creative guest to share some fun things!

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Nathan and Chrissy Avey said...

Your chairs are turning out SO cute!