Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what about.. what about.. what about wednesday?

I have decided to try to start doing a "theme" each week.I am thinking about Wednesday should be the day.. Mainly because I could come up with a catchy "segment" name that went well with wednesday's.

So today we are doing:

What about Spa Botanica for the What about Wednesday.
Does this remind you of a Jr High cheer? yep!

Monday night I had my massage. I am in love. Angie at Spa Botanica was absolutely amazing.
First off let me tell you how great the spa is and why all of you should go.

When you walk in to the Embassy they have this wonderful apple drink, one cup. Yes please.

I checked in to the spa and the take me back to my locker. Inside my locker is a soft fuzzy robe and some spa shoes.

You then proceed to the relaxation room where you sit on these large chase loungers and have candles and serenity music. They also have a rock type waterfall so the whole feel is very soothing! I hung out there for about 15 minutes before the massage. Then angie called me back.

She asked where I wanted her to work and if i had an injuries. A few minutes in she asked if the pressure was ok. I said yes. She waited, asked again and it was a little deep, this time i spoke up and told her. she adjusted. After working on my back for a while she asked if she could use the hot stones (ps for those of you non massagers ...this is a totally different massage and costs extra.) she said I was tight in my shoulders and the hot stones would make me feel better. I told her sure, thinking at this point even if she charges me more for this it is Totally worth it.

After it was all over she lead me back out to the locker room and they have showers and a steam room. She turned on the steam and told me to hang out as long as I wanted to. It was fabulous. I wanted her to call the hubby and tell him I will be staying the night at the embassy.

What about yall favorite massage? Deep tissue, Swedish, Hot stone? Have you ever had one? Do you remember where your favorite one was?

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Whitney said...

Sure I can create you one. Why don't you figure out what you want and then email me at with a link. Depending on how hard it is I can email you back and tell you how much I would charge.