Monday, July 26, 2010

We had a wonderful weekend! I hope you all did too.

Friday was my dad's charity golf tournament for Ron Meyers. I went out there at lunch and hung out a bid on a few items for the silent auction and hung out with Dayna her and her husband build the most beautiful houses and I am ABSOLUTELY in love with them! Cornerstone Construction, Look them up.. use them! Anyway I was walking around the auction and saw 10 tickets to sit in the box at a Naturals game, with a complete catering... 20 bucks was the bid. Are you kidding me? So I put our bid on there and walk away.

Team Carlson has a honey do list.. for 1, so Kelly has this list in his blackberry and shows it to me the other day. He was like If I do all of these what can I get? I almost respond with, What do I get for doing all the stuff around the house, but I figure this is a little disrespectful to him and bite down (hard) on my tongue. So I don't say anything at all and give him the we will see to appease him. Anyway, they had a giftcard for a four-some and cart. I put a bid on it thinking that if I get it at this price it will be worth the list getting done. Later on Friday my dad calls to tell me that I won the bids. YEAH! I am very excited, only problem I now have to put names in a hat and draw out who we are taking since we only have room for 8, but I told Kelly if we don't take them to the game he can take them golfing.

The golf tournament raised 10k bucks for a family in need. I was very proud of my dad and how he put the whole thing on.

After I got off work I talked to Marcus and we decided we all needed to get together. Kelly and I love hanging out with Marcus & his wife, Marcus is so laid back it helps me to chill out a little! Well we went over to Aaron and Christy's house to hang out at their pool. Kelly met Aaron at the Ducks Unlimited golf tournament a few weekends back and really hit it off with him so I was excited to meet Christy. Right off the bat I knew we were meant to be friends when she told me she was a closet ABC Family watcher and she loves to mountain bike. The next thing we know it is 1230. We decided to meet A&C for a bike ride in the morning to go to the farmers market.
745 Saturday morning they were ready, and they brought me fresh basil. I have mentioned like 100 hundred times that I want to make homemade pesto. So now I had some basil to work with! We hung out at the farmers market in the square until about 945 then we had to go meet our wish kid at the airport. She was going to Disney World to meet Tinker Bell. She was so excited and had her autograph book ready. MAW sends the children that wish to go to Disney to a fabulous place called Give Kids the World. It is a "hotel" where they are treated like royalty. Mr & Mrs Claus come and visit every week, they can eat ice cream 24/7 and they get breakfast with the characters.

After that Kelly was confined to work on his paper about job satisfaction and how it relates to pay, benefits, and the work place environment. Sounds riveting I know.

I went and saw Grandma for a while. Then made my weekly trip to wal-mart. I did get ingredients to make pesto though! After talking to sara one time she told me to pair it with cream cheese and I added some triscuits. So good and super easy!

I came home and spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. When I say cleaning.. I mean I got the rag and cleaned each tile on my hands and knees. Unfortunately I only made it through 2 rooms, so the rest well have to wait. although, I am sure by the time I get back around to cleaning the rooms I missed the ones I cleaned will be unrecognizable! Well I am having a Pampered Chef party on the 5th, so I guess I should wait until then to do the hands and knees cleaning.
Sunday we got up and went to early service and then class. We have a new teacher in class and he is absolutely amazing. We talked about out selfishness vs the servant attitude we are supposed to have. He talked about the My,MINE, Myself mentality we all seem to have these days. This I feel is very true. I also think that if I (we) were less selfish I would have less arguments. If I gave in and didn't fight for what I thought was going ti be the best thing for me.. myself I may cause less frustration with the others around me. So this week I am really going to try to have a servants heart.

After class we came home and Kelly went right back to work. I went to my cousin Jennifer's house they were having a BBQ and hanging out by the pool. I love them they are so funny. Piper jenn's youngest is 100% girl and as sassy as she can be, this is very very amusing to me since jen hated everything girl and threatened to no longer be related to me when I announced that I wanted to be a cheerleader.
Tonight is sewing with Jamia.. we are working on something for a give away as well as working on lesson plans for the sewing classes we are starting.

So many people want to learn to sew, but I think they are intimidated by the whole concept. So after finding a flyer for this store that was doing classes I called Jamia.

My thought is you offer classes, 2 hours long,snacks-maybe some wine, charge 25 bucks.. each time you come home with a project. We already have 5 or 6 people for the first class. I told J this was she can become famous in the etsy world and I will use it to shamelessly promote my blog so that I too can become a famous blogger some day.



Anonymous said...

Who is the new teacher in class?

Jenni Kimpel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new background and header!!!! I'm so jealous!