Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sew cute!

Last night we worked on dresses with aunt J... They are soo cute, mine was pretty good for my first time... with J's help of course! I really like the fabric Jenni from the block used, it has a retro look to it. (her's is on the left) I think I am going to try to make another one for a girl at work.. I need all the practice I can get! To bad there are not super easy boy things you can make. Sewing is SEW much better when you have a girl. I think it benefits you more, you can make all sorts of dresses and tops and bows for girls. Boys are kind of stuck with the one piece romper thing.

We didn't get a chance to work on appliques, but maybe next time. I think one of these days aunt J needs to be a full time stay at home momma and then I can do the marketing for her business..she will make clothes and curtains and then she can even teach classes, so many people would pay her to teach them to sew. She is fabulous.
This is what I want to make next.. they had the pattern at hobby lobby

Tonight was supposed to be our reunion meeting, but it go moved to thursday which means my massage is moving to monday and tonight I think I may recover one of my chairs. My dad came by and saw me today and he brought me a staple gun loaded and ready so hopefully I will have pictures of the finished product tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from our balcony at night...
slowly but surely you will get a recap!

Is it Friday yet??


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