Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not gonna lie

I Feel pretty cool doing this post in the little rock airport.
We are ziplining in st Lucia today!

My question of the day is what is your favorite movie? I have a few... Girls just want to have fun and the sweetest thing. Speaking of fab movies. Eclipse comes out today! Who is going to see it?



Anonymous said...

wow... I can't believe you said Girls Just want to have fun. SJP and Helen Hunt back in the day!
My Favorite movie is Mommie Dearest... don't ask why, b/c I don't know

Anonymous said...

Favorite all time movie would have to be Gone with the Wind!! So Eclipse... it was ok..It was the best of the three, but you still can't beat the books. That and I have a problem with Robert Pattinson (sp?) as Edward. He is just not the Edward I would have EVER picked!!