Friday, April 30, 2010

10 years come and gone..

Am I that old? 10 years since we threw our caps up in the air and vowed to come back 10 years from now bigger and better than we left.

Now, I do not think of 28 as old on anyone else. I really only feel like that with me.. meaning when I think of myself as being 28 and 10 years out of high school I feel like I haven't accomplished enough yet.

Anyway, we had our party planning last night and it was so much fun! Kathryn ann brought her yearbook with her and we went through just reminiscing. We did decide on a date.. October 2nd. Now lets just hope we can get addresses and information for the entire class before then.

Below is Kathryn Ann, ME, Christie, & Nicole.

Eric & Andy

Today, I must confess.. I lusted after someone other than my husband. I was sick. I just stood there with my mouth open staring at them. They are the second love of my life. I have pined over them for about 2 years. I want them sooo bad and today I these beauties and they were on sale.. 139. Not in the budget, but I am in love!!!!

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