Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I wear my cheap plastic at night

Thank you all for you sweet sweet comments and prayers about my bebe! he is doing much much better. I took him back to Dr Vaughan on Friday after work and since he still threw up some on Thursday night he wanted to give him an antibiotic to get us through the weekend. He felt like since Callaway's tummy wasn't all swollen and he wasn't acting different there probably wasn't an obstruction. He handed me this syringe and the end of the visit and told me to give him 1/2 an oz each day. I must have looked at him like he had lost his mind. For real? Dr Doolittle I am not. I have a hard time doing anything that could cause him pain.. spanking him comes to mind, (kelly is the disciplinary of team carlson) I also knew that he didn't deserve to be in pain, so I put my big girl panties on and administered the shot.

Not without first trying to get Kelly to do it.. that was a HUGE nO, then I tried to text my dad to come in town, but funny thing, he was getting married.. just a typical day with cortney right? So alas, I pulled up my underoos and stuck my bebe in the back. Thankfully since the meds he has not gotten sick, so the shots were 100% worth it.
Last Wednesday my sweet friend Casey took me to lunch. We went to this cute little organic restaurant in Rogers called the Green Bean?
I had a turkey avocado sandwich with humas opposed to mayonnaise. They make their own whole wheat organic bread.. It was so good. I actually remembered to take pictures of it.

Casey got the corn meal lemon blueberry muffin and it was really good too. Stephana (2011 Race chair) asked Casey to co-chair with me for next years race and we all are so excited to be working together again! I hope this race is the best one yet!

Thursday night Jenni mccarthy had a party at her house. Coincidently, earlier in the week at work we were talking about drinks when everyone was younger. Lots of random things came up, but they funniest one is when we brought up how classy we all thought we were with Boones Farm. Trash-tacular I know, but jenni from the block is quite funny and she decided to provide us with some top notch, grade a class Strawberry Hill for the party. There was other things there and the SH was a total joke, but very funny. PS, If you were wondering if SH tastes good. It doesn't! The second Kerri and I took a sip we both made horrible faces and after the second drink we tapped out and were forced to pore them down the sink and waste 2 bucks of jlo's hard earned money.

Friday after work I came home to clean the house.. By Saturday morning my taz manian devil husband had left it in a whole new state. Saturday I went to see grandma.. She was all dressed up with no where to go so I asked her to head to Old Navy with me to return a swim suit I got for Kelly. We walked in to ON and pretty much walked right out. Grandma was not having it.. I knew we were in trouble when as we are walking in my gma mutters under her breathe, read; she thinks she is quiet, but she is not, "It smells like cheap plastic in here." She also quickly told me, Kelly wasn't wearing one of those, "Cheap Ugly suits." I decide it is not worth the argument to tell her I frequently shop at the ON.
Those of you who also visit ON, please don't take offense to this remark. She is older, and only buy's "lizzie baby" which in case you are not familiar with this term is Liz Claiborne. My gma is on a nickname basis with ole Liz and anything but that is crap. Yep she is sassy.

So, we walked over to Belk's where she wanted to get Kelly a Tommy Bahama suit. I very politely told her, that I was not married to Jimmy Buffet, nor was I married to a member of the drug cartel who answered to the name Guido. We settled on a plain blue one instead. She also got me a dress for Kelly's cousin's wedding. It is a night wedding in July, in Dallas, sit down and all fancy like. What do we think of the dress. Kelly told me it was hideious. What do yall think? If I paired it with these? It is linen. Honestly do we hate it? Come on NON COmmenters.. thoughts?

Now these little babies are 250.00. SO I won't be getting these exact ones.. But maybe something similar?

Saturday after some QT with gma I rushed home to get ready to meet some friends at the pool. LOVE pool time. I think I lathered my entire body with spf 15 except my chest. I look like a lobster there and nowhere else. After pool time Kelly and I headed home to get ready for a party at our friend Jess's house. It was a BYOM party and we decided to do some cajun pork tenderloin and let me tell you it was good!

Kurt was pretty determined to make the party a fabulous one so he came back from wal-mart with:

$70 misting fan

$50 slip-n-slide

$25 yard game

$20 lawn water--on no not a sprinkler.. he wasn't getting just a cheap little sprinkler!
Well Kelly brought up how at HU we use to have slip-n-slide parties and we would get Vusqueen plastic (like for when you are painting) nail them down, then cover it with dish washing soap, then turn on the sprinkler. So, back to walmart the brothers grimm did go.
working on the slip-n-slide

Proud of hard work

this in your eyes.. no bueno

Kurt demonstrating how bad it burns..

Brothers Grimm

Setting up Ladderball

We played ladderball, which I have never played before. I thought the girl (Jamie) standing next to me was my partner. I was super pumped because she was really good. Half way through the game I realize the girl (sweet Karoline) across from me was my partner. Which meant we lost, and lost very bad.

Women in the kitchen

Jimmy & Kelsey

First time for me to bust out the jumper.. and ps. I am hooked I want more!

Kristen & I

Me, Kels, & Kristen

Dallas & Jess
Yes.. we told him to burn that ugly shirt
Kurt & Sweet Karoline
Yes we told Kur that as bad as he wanted them to be.. Colored Wifebeaters were never in style & they never will be.


ping pong champs

don't ask

Sweet Karoline & Kelsey
Jimmy & I

Sunday us girls wanted to lay out at the pool so Kelly and I went to early service. He was so annoyed that he was stuck inside doing homework while I was laying out by the pool. Sunday night we went over to my bff Kathryn Ann's house. For some reason I never take any pictures at her house. Callway had a blast running around the yard chasing Kathryn Ann's dogs. She has 3, then steph brought her 2 over, 6 dogs is a lot to take in at one time and callaway was passed out the minute we got in the car and he spent most of Monday recuperating!

Monday I wanted to lay out again and I thought Kelly was going to flip out, but thankfully he had homework again and my absence was unnoticed. I went over and saw my sweet friend megs and as a bonus round she has a pool so we caught up on life and tried to get a tan! I unfortunately feel like I have just succeeded in getting a larger quantity of freckles as opposed to turning a beautiful bronze brown. After visiting with Megs for a while I decided I needed to go check on grandma again and I am so glad I did. She had a staple gun for me. I was able to recover my rooster chair!! I also put it next to the table so you could see what it looks like with the 2 shades of brown. I also was able to find another chair at the Habitat for Humanity store. I think on this one I want to paint it cream and then do cardnal red crackle paint over it... only problem is I have no clue how to do that! Kelly just laughed and me and my big ideas.

Thoughts now? To stain or not to stain?

When he was done with homework he was in super sweet mode and was offering to do lots of things on his honey do list and even some that weren't. He volunteered to got to walmart and pick up the groceries we needed and even agreed to return some stuff. This left me to work on the chair, clean and get dinner ready. By 630 we were able to just relax and catch up on 2 weeks of DVR.

I watched the season finale of NCIS (LOVE ME SOME GIBBS.. prrr) It stressed me out though. We also watched the mentalist, Criminal Minds, CSI NYC, & CSI Miami.
NCIS & CSI Miami were the 2 best.
I am soo happy this is a short week every day this weekend Callaway was up at 6 ready to play, every night we played until 12 or later, which means I am long overdue a nap!


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