Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sari Sari Princess

Yesterday we were in Dominica. We were doing a river/ waterfall hike through Sari Sari Falls.

Then Today we are in Barbados! Today in Barbados we don't have anything planed so I am hoping for some sun time!!

I bought some 30 & 15 spf. One bottle of each. I hope that will be enough for the week..

My ultra thought provoking question of the day is:

Best Name. What is the best name you have ever heard? Boy, Girl, Dog, or Cat? What have you got for me?

Also today is the release of Eclipse! I am kind of excited about seeing this movie. I read all of them, but Eclipse was my favorite. This will be something for me to look forward to when I come home!

Which leads me to another question.. Do you have a favorite book? One that you could read over and over again? Or maybe one that you just loved when you read it.. you recommend it to anyone when they ask you a good book?

ME? Francine River Redeeming Love... Also, a big fan of PS I love you. The book not the piss poor excuse for a movie!


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Anonymous said...

I need a friend to see Eclipse with.... but just so you know I will get there an hour early to get a good seat. Are you already seeing it with someone miss popular?!