Friday, January 15, 2010

baby it's cold outside...

My little SnowBaby

Over the last couple of weeks in NWA we have had snow and ice! This is always welcome in the carlson house because we both love the cold weather! Kelly especially loves the snow, i contribute this to his lack of snow exposure growing up! He was born in texas, then they moved to arizona, and then to arkansas (in high school where we met), then alabama, and now back to AZ.. yep they like the A's!
Anyway, he lived in mainly warmer states and didn't experience much snowman making! Well this year he wanted to make one and he brought the pup in for backup!

callaway was so excited to play in the snow! He would run from one end of the yard to the other...
I tried to get pictures!

he is just so darn cute!

Here is the snowman adventure!

Kelly preparing

building the base with Callaway's help

Callaway was in charge of finding sticks for the arms!

My favorite part of the day was when kelly would throw a snowball and tell callaway to "go get it"
bless his heart he would run around looking for a snowball all over the yard! FINALLY he would just bite the snow and come back with a mouth of white.. so proud of his skilz!
I love snow days!

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Jenni Kimpel said...

Cute pictures! Few comments:

1) Hillarious that Callaway would just pick up the snow and bring it back
2) You're crazy for playing in that cold stuff
3) Your blogging like a real blogger... look at all the entries in the past week and the variation of topics! Thank you for the motivation.
4) You're still crazy for playing in that cold stuff.

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