Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flower Power

So I have been searching for some thing to go on top of my armoire. I wanted a collection of vases or something, but I was having a hard time deciding so I went to Hobby Lobby and found a variety of fun stuff to decorate! So I come home all excited and begin to arrange the pieces. I purchased a vase, 2 candle holders and this pillar of roses. My friend Hannah was supposed to have made me a tray to use as decoration, but I think this tray is like big foot, the loch ness monster or unicorns, not really certain they exist?

So anyway I put this stuff up and I realize that my sweet pup is acting a little strange. He was hiding under the side table next to our chair. It was pitiful! He had his little tail down his ears laid back and he was just shaking! Then he just starts growling up in to thin air. Then he full on sprinted to the bedroom. It took me about a day to figure out that he was scared to death of the flower pillar!
So like any good mother, I took the flowers down and sat him in my lap and let him sniff them and kept telling him good boy, Ect.. He seemed to be more receptive then to the flowers so being very smug I took them back out to the living room and placed them back on the armoire. The smugness was short lived as he tucked tail and bolted back to the bedroom!
                                                     Here are the DREADED FLOWERS!!

They look quite dangerous don’t they?

                                    Needless to stay this is now what the armoire looks like!

The flowers will be taken back to Hobby Lobby ASAP!
I really wasn't in love with the flowers anyway so I have no problem taking them back... but Kelly thinks it is just cause I am a wuss and that our dog is spoiled, but I disagree!
Now if only I had that tray it would complete the armoire!

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Hannah said...

you suck. its not completely my fault! And its been done for months, just not in your house. Besides, its not in my possession anymore, which means it is ON ITS WAY to you!!!! Again, you kind of suck a little.