Monday, January 25, 2010

snow bunny

So We are about to go skiing in February and it is very exciting. I haven’t been in years! 6 years to be exact! YIKES! I am picturing my self eating a mouthful of powdery goodness as I write this!
Well since I am getting in the skiing spirit.. I wanted to find some pictures to look at for some inspiration. I found these.

This is when Kelly and I first started dating, our junior year of high school. I can still remember him asking me out. We were outside of the centerton gas station and he was leaving to spend the night with matt koch and he asked me out. NOW, almost eleven years later I still love him so much! Anyway without getting to sentimental back to my ski story.

First year Spring Break ’00 I met the carlson’s at there house the night before we left, can’t remember the exact day we left. I do remember that we got up at like 3am to start driving to CO. What I can really remember is how overwhelmed I was (please keep in mind that I am an only child) with all the sibling things I have never dealt with, like the typical fights about who touched who, the restaurant choices- I have never been a McDonald’s fan (not counting the brief time in my life where I lived for happy meals) and no matter what kelly’s sister kaylee picked the restaurant everytime, and everytime guess what she picked? It cracks me up thinking back on it now!

The Carlson family is also hardcore. (Case in point, when we were planning our cruise excursions, bobby-kelly’s dad, told us that we could only pick ones that had a 4 out of 6 or higher on the fitness/difficulty level.) When I say that I mean when skiing we are on the lift in time for the first run and we don’t get off until the last run. There is also no stopping for lunch. You bring a kashi/cliff bar and sucker on up til we are done!

I took ski school for the first day I was there and I recommend anyone that is learning to go to ski school first. After class I joined Kelly and WOW. Looking back now I realize what I brat I was, I also realize that having your boyfriend teach you may not be the best way especially if they are as impatient as mine. I threw such a fit when my ski’s would fall off. I would stomp my feet and DEMAND that he come back to the top of the hill and help me! Wow yes I was a brat.

Second time was with Kathryn Ann..

How I love her. We flew to Aspen my sophomore year of college. Basore skiing is much different! We wake up at about 10 or 11, head to the mountain for a half day of sking. Get to the top of the mountain, eat some lunch, do some runs and head all home! Another large difference is she is such an amazing teacher. She was so patient with me. She stayed with me the whole time and would help the whole way down. By the end of the first day I was doing blues! That is a big deal to me! Now, not that Kelly was awful, but his harsh coach style didn’t really help me at skiing it just made me mad and want to pick up my Barbie’s and go home! Kathryn let me easy into it, built up my confidence and helped me to slowly go big or go home.

By the third time skiing (New Years Junior year in Aspen)
I was feeling much more confident and ready to try a black-read-everyone else was going down a black and I didn’t want to roll on down the bunny hill alone- so I put my big girl panties on and headed down the mountain. At first I thought I was kind of a bad a cause it wasn’t hard at all, then all of the sudden these huge moguls “Mogul skiing is a type of freestyle skiing where skiers ski terrain characterized by a large number of different bumps.” (Thank you wikipedia) appear out of nowhere and almost take this little ski bunny out! Thankfully I was able to slow down enough not to bust my face and made it down safley.

The countdown has begun though.. We leave on the 19th of February and I am so excited. I even put my ski gear on and run around the house complete with the goggles. My husband thinks I am a freak…


Hannah said...

awww yay! I'm excited for you guys! You will have so much fun!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

You will have a blast! Skiing is so much fun!