Monday, January 18, 2010

Fight like a girl?

So here lately Kelly and I have become involved in some marriage classes with our church. I like these classes and enjoy going, but I find it kind of funny that we are going to 2 classes at a time and I go to young wives to learn about our marriage and how to make it better. Which don’t get me wrong I don’t think my marriage is headed to the big D or anything, but at the same time I am of the frame of mind that it can always be better. I feel like or marriage can always be better, which is why I have dragged my husband along to these.
The first one started with our Life group, each year our group gets together and decides on which lesson’s we want to do. Our group had several choices and in the end “The 5 Love Languages” won with a 17 out of 20 voting to do the book. So the first one he voted on fair and square!

The second one I kind of won out on that one.. Wednesday night church is a struggle for us. I don’t know if it is for anyone else, but it is really had to get ourselves to church on Wednesday! The past couple of classes (they change every semester or so) have been ones that didn’t so much grab my interest. This time they are having a love and respect series that I was very interested in. I have some friends that went through this series and they said it really changed their marriage. Well Kelly has wanted to go on Wednesday nights, but relies on me for the motivation to get him there. So, this we made a deal since I really wanted to go to the class, he would go, but I would be in charge of getting us there on time! So, I took it and forced guilted invited our friends Abby and Theron to join us! We haven’t missed a class yet! Hey one out of one aint bad!

Well after all of these discussions I have noticed an improvement in our marriage. Mainly I have learned it is all about communication… but communicating at the right time. This brings me to the title of this entry. Yesterday after church Kelly and I stopped by walmart to pick me up some medicine (I started feeling like crap Saturday night and it has progressively gotten worse). So while we are walking to the pharmacy we see this big display of Nerf products. This causes my husband to lose all train of thought and no longer focus on anything that I am saying , including that “I am so hungry that I am about to eat his pinky finger for lunch.” He then begins to pick up each gun and determine which weapon would be the best for fighting. This then turns in to his fool proof plan to make a marriage better.. we will have nerf wars every time we get in to an argument and the champion of Nerf guns will win the argument regardless of the logic behind the argument!

choose your weapon...

I feel like it should be at the end of Mortal Kombat..
"finish him"

For those of you who are thinking about doing our fool proof marriage plan for conflict, I will share my no loose strategy! First I will unload on him the wrath of the Nerf Tommy gun. For those of you that don't know what the tommy gun is, I have supplied a visual below.

I will then use the P90X moves that I have learned in the Kimpo series and will "grab, cross, hook, & upercut until he has almost succumed to my power! I will then "finish him" with the Side Kick and Win the argument! Thank you Nerf Gun for our conflict resolution plan!

For those of you that I don't know that are pbly thinking I am crazy.. I am not infact I will not hit my husband.. unless of course it is with some nerf darts in order to win the argument!

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