Wednesday, January 13, 2010

skinny runner motivation

I never broke up with running, but we were on a break you could say…after the marathon I didn’t hate running, not even when my toenails fell off (yes plural) and my feet were blistered! I still liked running and even missed it while I was taking a week off to “recover.” So it is no surprise to me that I am over my break and back in my state of newlywed bliss with running. I contribute part of the problem to one of my blog stalking victims SkinnyRunner this girl is a machine! Now granted girl has a fabulous gig where she works 3 months out of the year on a fishing boat then the other 9 months of the year she gets to be a stay at home housewife with no other real responsibilities than to be a running junkie! JEALOUS yes!
Then on Tuesday  a group from work went running during lunch. I normally won't go with the lunch running group because I am not as fast, but yesterday was a rare day where i decided to go.. I am very glad i went! They are much faster than me, but rather than crushing my fragile spirit it really helped me to pick up the pace. We also had 2 HUGE hills which is always a big plus when wanting to get faster! So anyway the first 3 miles ticked off pretty quick, once I crossed the 3 mile mark and they just kept saying stay with us, or just get to the next mailbox, just get to the next street sign. Well it worked! I ran the fastest i have ever ran! 5 miles in 44 minutes that is 8:48 per mile.  That may not seem fast to yall but that is super fast to me. If i could keep that pace up for a 1/2 i could do it in about 1:55. That's one of my goals for 2010 is to run a 1/2 in under 2 hours.
Right now i am training for the bentonville half marathon. Then i am supposed to be running the OKC 1/2 with my friend megs... but i am not sure how hard core she is yet..hopefully she will catch the bug!

if anyone has an extra garmin forerunner  lying around and would like to give it to an obsessed runner.. give me a call! I am very anal about my training which drives my husband crazy, but the good thing is once i am in, i am in with full force..Maybe someone can appreciate that. I just feel like I have a plan and i am going to stick to it, why deviate?This is why I want a garmin! It allows you to run anywhere at anytime going any distance without having to worry about how far or how fast you have gone!

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