Thursday, January 21, 2010

out for the count

Let me start by saying I felt a little somethin’ somethin’ coming on, on Sunday night at lifegroups. Half our group has babies ( I may have mentioned this before, if so please disregard my ADHD or early stages of Alzheimer’s as I ramble on) so of course they are very conscious of sick people and you would have thought I was a leper on Sunday night. Now I may be exaggerating just a smidge, but you get the idea. So Monday, much to the dismay of my co-workers I went to work hacking up a lung and blowing my nose like a goose. I came home Monday night and felt worse. So Tuesday, never having missed a day of work in 2 years I roll my snotty self out if bed and barley apply some makeup to my pale face and head on in. The moment I get to work people look at me like I truly am a lepor and comment with a, “man you look rough,” or the every popular, “are you sick?”

Needless today say by about 10, I said screw this and headed on home.
Curled in to a nice ball on the couch with the dog at my feet I tried to sleep my way back to health. I was awoken by the annoying ring of my cell phone, so I silenced it and rolled back over. The thing rings again and again and again. By this point I know that the only person that can be this annoying is my sweet husband.

I wish i would have had one of these!
I mostly looked like this...

except not this happy.. but i did have the same Cinderella sweatsuit on...
SIDENOTE - I bought my 2003 Chevy Malibu my Junior year of college, only after I wrecked my 1996 Ford Probe driving through the streets of down town Little Rock, I would like to tell you that it is from some crazy cool story like I was in a high speed chase, or caught in the cross fire of drug deals gone wrong, but alas it was me being me and not paying attention slamming in to the back of a grandma in a brand new Land Cruiser. PS. Just got new tires (thanks to grandma and papa) and they were 400 bucks! 400 is a lot of money now, imagine to a college kid. So they total the probe by insurance standards and the impound lot charges me 75 bucks a day to keep it there, then pays me 100 bucks for parts.. OH the injustice! I should have left the thing on blocks and rolled (literally) out of there with my tires.

Back to my side note, I bought my Malibu after the death of the probe and drove it up until this past fall when we got the Jeep. (see old post) Well when we bough our house in Feb. ’09 we thought we were going to need them as collateral ..long story. Well I got the Jetta and the Mailbu titles from our lock box and gave Kelly the titles and he took them to the bank. That was the last I saw of them. I guess I just assumed he put them back and I guess he didn’t realize that he didn’t. In November Kelly asked me to look for the titles and I did. Couldn’t find them anywhere, but I wasn’t worried I assumed they would be in the lock box. Fast Forward to Sunday night at about 4pm. Either way we posted the car on criags list and got a crapton of people that wanted to buy it! YEAH! So then Monday night we can’t find the title. Kelly even went to the lock box and couldn’t find it, he even looked through all of the massive amounts of diamonds and gold that we keep in there! So I begin to freak out a little and google lost title. Well easy as that Google says you can apply for a lost title no problem only 5 bucks too! LIARS!!!

Back to Tuesday. I am one sneeze away from death and my stalker husband keeps calling me.

So Kelly is frantic, he sold the car! YEAH! He went to the revenue office to apply for a lost title and they tell him the car has a lien on it and they can’t get a title until they see the release of the lien. BOO! I am mad now; we paid that stupid thing off the year we got married. 2006 by the way. He calmly tells me that I am going to have to make a lot, lot, lot of phone calls to get this taken care of and I better start calling.

I go to the office and sit in the floor and begin searching. I then remember a story our Preacher Tim Rine told us. One day he was looking for some camping supplies and he couldn’t find them, so he prayed and prayed on Saturday, he came to church on Sunday and asked us to pray-mostly joking, but I prayed anyway. Then Sunday he told us he came home from church and found the stuff he needed.

So I sat there in the middle of the office floor and prayed and prayed!!!

I then realize that I am missing a file folder from when we lived in Texas. I find it in the back of the office closet underneath one of Kelly’s “work bags/junk holder for work” I pull the bag out first and figure why not he used this for work maybe there is some stuff in there…and THANK YOU DEAR BABY JESUS! It was in there. The title, shoved to the bottom of the bag. Good thing it was at the bottom because the top of the bag was covered with paper that were ruined due to what looks to have been a spill of water many months ago. So I pull out the envelope that is clearly marked “car title” and begin to dig through and get really excited! There it is, the title to the Malibu! Complete with the letter from GMAC saying there are no liens on it either! (take that witchy woman at the DMV)

I promptly call my husband and tell him the good news! He shares in my excitement for a brief moment then tells me to take some more cold medicine and find the jetta title.

I tell him no! I am about to pass away here, but as soon as I hang up I dig just a little further in the bag-o-tricks and pull out the jetta title too! WOW thank you JESUS AGAIN!
So, I promptly return myself to my position on the couch and settle back in to watching: (yep a little embarrassed to admit this) One Tree Hill, Saved by the Bell, O.C., & What I like about you. I then wake up in time to change the channel to a CSI marathon prior to my husband walking in the door. I sleep most of the day and on and off through the night, waking up at about 2:30 to watch a riveting infomercial for the Silver Bullet food processor! Wow! I really really want one! For 6 easy payments of 19.99 it could be mine..BUT wait if I call in the next 10 minutes I can get the Silver Bullet juicer for free?! If I wasn’t so tired I really would have called and ordered one! Yall that juice looked amazing.

P.S. don't google silver bullet..even if you are going to put in Silver bullet food processor..TRUST ME!
Oh yeah and it is called the Magic Bullet.. FYI!

I did complete two books while down for the count.

The Geometry of Sisters by Luanne Rice and

Pretty in Plaid by Jennifer Lancaster

I would read the sisters book when I was feeling focused and plaid when I needed to smile.

My review on the books is this, Sisters is very good it grabbed me pulled me in and I finished it in 2 days. I can’t really tell you about it because it all goes with the story and I would spoil it, but it is very good.

Pretty in Plaid was freaking hilarious. I mean it was laugh out loud funny. I mean just the way that Jen tells the stories I feel like I was there and I am embarrassed for her in a Michael Scott sort of way.

I flew through it as well. I have now also taken to stalking her blog. I also came back to work today and began to tell the girls I work with that you have got to read about her! She is crazy! Check her out! If you are easily offended please proceed with caution!


Hannah said...

Woooowwww... Random McRandomsom.... :) But i'm glad you are feeling better and not going die. And I'm glad you found your car title. I think we lost mine, so I'm avoiding the dreaded search...

Anonymous said...

ok so I bypassed alot of that after the first few paragraphs, and was skimming down. But I came to a startling halt when I saw the pic of Stevie Knicks, but was however disappointed you didn't really say anything about her....I'm a big fan, needless to say