Thursday, January 28, 2010

pants on fire!


Everyone is freaking out about the “worst storm in YEARS” today and let me tell you what I think.. liar liar pants on fire. In fact I almost wonder if the weather station is receiving a percentage of the profit the generator manufacturers are getting. It is flippin insane how much they have hyped this storm up. It kind of reminds me of when Y2K happened! I worked at the bank inside of the supercenter and people were buying carts full of stuff for the end of the world! Not to make to much fun, but they sold out of ketchup… humm to me if the world is coming to an end that is not going to be high on my list of staples.. this however may be…

I mean Wal-mart (I live in Bentonville, AR-is there another store?) has had a run on peanut butter, water, spam, and batteries!

A few of the girls I work with were talking about how they were out of bread also. People have started buying mass quantities of hamburger meat and hamburger buns so that if the power does go out they will be able to use their grill!! Not saying that is dumb in fact I think it is very smart. But again I think the storm is all hype.

To me it feels like every time we think a big one is rolling in and going to cause massive issues—nothing will happen, or if something does happen it will be a fraction of the expectation! Then on the opposing side, when we are not ready for it, mother natures hits us with a huge storm and leaves us confined to our homes for a week!

Now with the warning time being pushed back for the 3rd time I feel that they are WRONG!
well i guess i am off to buy a genorator, some spam, and some new books to read!!


Anonymous said...

My favorite Y2K story....New Years Eve my best friends Dad came home with one Gallon of water and Crispy M&Ms. haha love it, like why even bother

Hannah said...

Hey I totally am with you! Everyone from NWA on fb has been Fuh-REAKING out!!! And I'm just sitting here thinking... does everyone not realize that when the weathermen make a big deal, its always nothing. Its when they don't say much about it that you should worry! Let me know if you survive... :)

Angel From Heaven said...

Hey! I am so excited that you posted something on my blog! I have been wondering what you've been up to! I'm glad to see you and Kelly are doing good! I'm excited I can keep up with you guys now!