Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bachelor "On the wings of love" scandal!

I watch the bachelor.. yes, the first step is admitting you have a problem.. and mine I have admitted it to the blogging world. I DO NOT however want help with this problem and I will continue to feed this addiction.

I do however have friends in on this addition and they are like a support group for trash tv! Well every Monday night we have a girls night and indulge by watching the bachelor!

Well Last night they hit an all time low! I have felt for the past few season’s they have been weakening and weakening the moral fiber with the “contestants” on the show and each season gets a little bit cheesier. Here are a few of my reason’s to date:

1. this season has a theme, “on the wings of love” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Not only does it have a theme to go along with Jake’s profession, buy last night while jake was flying Ali (one of my personal fav’s) over the california coast they busted our with the freaking song!! Do you know how hard I laughed as some cheese ball from the 70’s crooned “on the wings of love” at the exact moment when the looked in to each others eyes and smiled.. After I laughed for a solid minute I threw up a little in my mouth!

2. He is hot, yes we all know that he is very yummy, but there is a point where his yummyness gets a little excessive. I mean is it really necessary to show him in the shower lathering up? I think not? Then do we need to show him doing push ups, sit ups and running along the beach? The best was in the premiere they have jake in his top gun outfit complete with ray-ban aviators riding along the beach coming to a stop as the sun in fading with a boeing (yes this is what he flies ladies-Southwest airline maybe) jet flying over head. Cue, “on the wings of love.”

3. The skanks on the show.. yes that is what I can call them (with the exception of the few that I like), because that is what they are. Each season they get a little bit more forward and they loose a little bit more inhibition. This season one girl dressed up in a flight attendant uniform which in all actuality should be called a lingerie outfit.. not a uniform. One chic told him that, “he could land his plane on her run-way anytime he wanted.” WOW. Last night when Christina the self proclaimed “B” who gets what she wants, got totally sloshed and slurred her words and began making noises instead of complete thoughts! AWESOME! Then there is Elizabeth at first i really liked her.. that was until she gives jake this note about not kissing her unless she is going to be the only woman he kisses... UMM YEAH RIGHT! Again, I have to say I thought ok this girl is pretty cool, cool until he gives her a rose, tells her he wants to keep her then she starts playing these STUPID games like she is in jr high. "i am a really good kisser. you want to kiss me don't you? I really want to kiss you. No stop (insert annoying giggle here) don't try it!" all the while she is up in his business trying to make him kiss her!

4. Hands down trash-tacuarl moment of the entire show was when Rozlyn begins sleeping with one of the producers. So now lets just be honest here.. you have been there a week.. A WEEK and you couldn’t keep it together for a week?? No wonder you are beautiful and still single! A WEEK! Geez!

So these are my up to date rants for the Bachelor! I will for sure keep you up to date on my opinions!!!

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