Saturday, January 23, 2010

You may be a runner if..

SO i found some of this off of Skinny Runners blog and i liked it.. so I added some of my own..
 16. Your friend says she wants to get in to running and before she can complete this statement you have printed her off a training schedule and given her Rush Runnings number to get fitted for shoes.

 15. You have icicles on your eyelashes from a long run at 18 degrees.

 14. You actually get excited for a new pair of running socks

 13. You get jealous of any runners you pass by while driving, wishing that you were running, too.

 12. You plan your social life around your long runs "nope can't on Friday night, we have a long run Sat. am."

 11. Your tonails are black (yes plural)

before you eww.. this is not my toe.. but similar to the color of mine!

 10. You live in the United States and actually know how far a kilometer is.

  9. There are two sets of blue jeans in your closet: one size for training season and one for off season.

  8. You can name the exact distance from your home to every landmark in town.

  7. You can eat 3,000 calories and still be negative calories for the day.

  6. Your friends know never to call you past 8:30 pm

  5. You get excited about getting older because of the extra time you get in Boston.

  4. You could watch a whole marathon and not be bored.

  3. You check out the running stores for the new styles.

CW-X tights and yes after reading about them I am having lustful thoughts, they would be like superman's cape to my running, or wolverine's adamantium claws, or spiderman and his web..

  2. You keep track of your shoes’ mileage.

  1. You get up earlier on weekends to run than you do on weekdays for work.

Speaking of running.. it has inpired me to think of my birthday and what running gear i would like for it!
Running stuff:
* I would really like a marathon charm.. not just the 26.2 but the really cool ones that they had at the St Jude Marathon in Memphis, which my HUSBAND would NOT let me BUY! (yep still a little bitter) He said that we would be able to get them anywhere and for cheaper.. LIAR! I hope you can hear the YELLING, cause he is a LIAR! they are no where to be found.. I even broke up with google (for about 3 hours and I might add it was the most painful breakup ever, bing I am sorry you just can't cut it!) because i could not find a single place that sold MSJM charms! ps- if you find one, i would like sterling silver and you can mail it to me-you don't even have to overnight it, since my birthday isn't until march we have time! :)
* I would like a red running shirt. Since red is my favorite color i think it only appropriate to have a red running shirt. I would like it to be Nike.
* Thanks to skinny running I would also like these:

I want so many from this site I can't post them all, and the don't have Uof A right now or Harding where I actually attended school, so Penn Stae is my second favorite!
* Next up another running skirt.. it is an addiction I KNOW!

You can get it here.. and IT IS ON SALE!
One in Black please..

* Also on things that my little heart desires is: Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue featured as my signature summer scent!
I have been wearing Burberry all winter and i LOVE IT! Sometimes i smell so good i wan to make out with myself! Alas though I must put it up for the summer months and bring in some fresh scent. Which is why i NEED some more Light blue!

* I also want clothes for the cruise that we are going on in June!
* Also, needing a new pair of gloves and an earcovering, preferably the dryfit kind so it wont get all  wet and heavy like my cheap $1 spot stuff i wear right now.
*** also, in case anyone that is shopping for me wins the lottery..
I would also looooveeee the new Garmin 405 Forerunner & Native Sunglasses

you can these babies here!

So here is the begining of my list.. now i need to email it to my husband & father!

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