Friday, January 8, 2010

Birds of a feather?

So when we decided to get a pup..we read lots of books about what dog we should get. Well when we were reading about Miniature Schnauzer's it said that "you may experience some presents from your pup, these could include rats, moles, & other animals."

I was NOT expecting this..
Last night I let Callaway out and he came back in and i could have sworn that there was a feather in his beard..WELL today when I go to let him back in this is what he had dropped at the door!

I was floored! I couldn't get on to him though, i mean look at his face.. He was so flippin proud of himself!

I mean look at that soooo sweet face! He was so proud of himself! I had to laugh!

RIP birdie

So like any good wife i leave the lifeless bird at the back door waiting for my big strong manly husband to dispose of... Well in this equation the big strong manly husband has work out clothes on and P90X on the brain and tells you.. "um no, it is cold out there, birds have diseases, and i have work out clothes on."
HELLLOOO!!!! that is why i need you out there to dispose of this so our precious dog doesn't get the BIRD FLU!!

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