Saturday, January 30, 2010

snowed in

So after all the trash talking i have done about the weather.. turns out i was wrong. :) Blah blah blah.. So today I am snowed on in with about 8" of snow. So what to do when you are snowed in?
I have several things that i want to do that i haven't had the attention span time.
Here are some pictures of kelly & callaways fun in the snow last night!
yes that is my husband and puppy running down our street!

callaway gets so excited

*Scrapbooking.. I haven't done any in a while and i was already behind to start with. I think the last time i sat down to do it i worked on my page of when we got callaway! If you were wondering callaway is over 2 years old! It is like i told abby my fellow blogger & friend, i get in the mood to do it, then i get all the stuff out to work on it and once it is all out.. i loose all motivation!

*deep cleaning.. i really want need to go through and hardcore clean the house. I am talking baseboards, dusting, shower scrubbing, and all that other fun stuff! I think today this will be a last resort!

*File.. i know this sounds random, but i have a ton of stuff that i need to file and put in there proper folders. Right now it is all in a pile in my spare bedroom waiting for me to put it up!

Next up...
What i am reading right now.
Thanks to jenni i started reading Nora Roberts' 3 Witches Trilogy

I read Dance upon the air in two days.. It was very good. So of course i need to start the 2nd one asap... now just how to get it in this snow storm?

Last night we watched Paradise Lost. The story of the West Memphis 3.
I think kelly and i differ on the outcome, but it was very interesting to watch the story. I am not saying i think they are innocent or guilty, but what i am saying is i think the trial and the evidence for the case was very circumstantial and they were very siloed and focused on the 3 and didn't really explore other options.

My pup has developed a little bit of an independent streak. Normally he always sleeps with us. The past couple of nights he has gotten down from the bed and slept here.


It bothers me that he slept here... so much so that I will now go and pick him up and put him back in the bed with us!

 Happy snow day!

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Anonymous said...

so I would like to know if you end up doing any of these things because I have definately just been doing nothing! and catching up on some movies I have been wanting to see, Which I have created another blog to blog about movies, and I am super excited about it