Wednesday, February 10, 2010

workin out wednesday & I may need some help?

Workout summary
Distance 5 miles, pace- 8:36, total time= 43:00
Today was a really tough day to run.. the only thing that kept me motivated enough to run was that i didn't have a car and no where to go.. So i put on my nike capri pants (p.s when it is 20 degrees capris are the best choice for warmth), my Memphis St. Jude Marathon shirt and took off.

Exciting to know.. Tomorrow I am going to several fun places with Jenni from Overambitious & Lazy
1. Rifraff

2. Dickson Stree Book Exchange

3. & a Thrift Store sorry no link for this one, but I will try to take some pictures!

Now next up is Valentines Day dinner? What should I make?
I have decided that Kelly and I will just cook ourselves a little romantic dinner for valentines! Now I really need some help trying to decide what I want to make us?
SO??? any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

is riff raff the thrift store? I wanna go! Dickson Street Book Exchnage is one of my favorite places!