Thursday, February 4, 2010

For sweet Sara PP

So in college I lived with an “assortment” of personalities/backgrounds. My 2 best friends Emily & Sara were completely opposite of each other & myself.
Emily grew up in MO with 2 other brothers. Her town didn’t even have a stop light until em went to college! I had to teach the dear girl how to use an ATM!

Sara who's blog you can see here grew up outside of Nashville, TN and had 3 sisters and a brother. They were like the real “little house on the prairie” family! They had family game night & evening dinners!
Sara also went to a private Christian school and was a little more conservative than em or myself…

So now that you know a little bit about them.. let me tell you about Lindsay and Tressa.. they were our rommies across the hall. They were from Virginia, and a little bit thuggish roughish than em & I, but LEAPS ANS BOUNDS more than Sweet Sara PP.

Anyway, I was running the other day and Nelly’s Airforce One’s came on. I think that I forgot I put it on the ipod! So I literally laughed out loud when I heard it!
I know that this is not nearly as funny to my fellow bloggers if you don’t know my sweet Sara PP, but sorry..
Sara thought nelly was rapping about the president’s plane, and really just didn’t understand the song and the meaning.

I thought that Tressa and Lindsay were going to cry with disappointment. They then calmly explained to Sara the song is about shoes..

Naturally when I heard that song it took my right back to being in the car in Little Rock and having Sara express her confusion!
Next up Hunted Houses..
One Halloween we decided we want to go to a haunted house. Just girls! I think we ended up having about two cars full of girls. We searched for one for weeks and finally found one out in the flipping boondocks of southern Arkansas.

So we have to drive through Arkansas and I swear it was deliverance style. Anyway, we get to this old shopping center which was converted in to a large haunted house. This place was scary too. They made you go through it in a single file line so it wasn’t like you could hide in the group. At the very end of it they lead you down this hall way almost out the door when this creeper with a chainsaw and overalls comes after you. When I say comes after you I mean full on chases you down the street. This massacre man decided to chase us all the way to the car. On the way Em is so frazzled she can’t find her keys. To this day I can still hear Sara SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, “EMILY, GET YOUR KEYS.” This crazy man continued to chase us down the street. I laughed so hard after the fact thinking about 15 girls running full sprint screaming down the road!!

Other things I thought of from college:

*Remember when Sara would dress up like Marla Hooch from a league of the their own as sing it had to be you.

*Remember when we got fined 100 bucks for throwing water balloons on couples making out?

*Remember my bachlorette party where Em thought she was Scarlett Johansen & wore bright RED lipsickt the same green sweatshirt and jeans the WHOLE trip?

*Remember my 21st birthday at Tressa and Lindsays house and we dressed up as Bison Cheerleaders?

*Remember  when you and Em did the Fake Fight & you tried to make me pick sides?

*Remember when Em made out with Nate Bates?

* Remember when we did naked house cleaning when the pledges came to see us and we got in trouble?

* Remember when you got so excited for "oven baked pizza" the wknd we came to fay-ville?

* Remember hot lips?

* Remember when we forked matt blanset's house and we were soo flipping scared they would all come after us?

* Remember the slip-n-slide parties

*Remember the time Em brought home a baby chicken named billy and it chirped all night long and we though about making it a hot wing instead of a pet?

*Remember when we took out the spare matresses from the dorm and lined the halls with them and had wrestling at 1am?

* Remember when we dresses up like the Spice girls?

*  Remember when you let me highlight your hair?

* Remember when we all went to planet earth & you had to cover for us?

* Remember when we went to Em's wedding and we took all those mums... Then I started having an asthma attack and you had a sneezing fit... so we were forced to throw them out the windows at passing signs?

* Remember that reallly ugly brown shirt that had a hand print on it that emily insisted on wearing, "once a semester"?

* Remember when Em had a crush on craig v for a day?

* Remember when you lived with caroline and molly and you found the chewed up gum stuck to your soap?
       sidenote.. remember when caroline use to bathe in the nasto dorm bath tub?

* Remember when Em and shared a bedroom/bed for an entire summer our junior year?

* Remember the white trash bash and i wore the taco bell jacket and jeeter asked me if i really worked there? Then we won the cake walk.. TWICE.

* Remember when you and i set up camp at the osborne bbq and we EACH got a plate of fatty fat food?

* Remember when we went home to bville & i made you stop and pick up the dog??

* Remember we had the bowling function and lori had a panic attack and refused to leave the dorm bathroom?

* Remember midnight oil & Mr blonde milkshakes?

* Remember when we use to come to you & hollys old married apt to watch friends?


Sara Garner said...

Bahahahahahaha...I have laughed for like the past 30 minutes. I have one for you:

Remember backpack girl.

Hannah said...

Ok even though I have NOOO idea what any of these mean, I have to say they are cracking me UP! I guess I'm just thinking of all the funny stuff I did at school and so I'm just imagining what all your Remember Whens too... :)