Saturday, February 6, 2010

extreme home makeover?

Ok so not really an extreme home makeover, but a really cool update!

Long run summary: Goal was to run at an 8:55-9:00 pace for 11 miles. Sadly I ran at a 9:02 pace for 11 miles with a total finish time of 1:39. This is a vast improvement from my slower days when I would run at a 10min pace, but still I didn't achieve my goal and i am really disappointed in myself. Kelly was sore from p90x so i was solo today and i think at times I had jello for legs and the jello was not on the same page with me and achieving my goal. Oh well. Next week is 12 so I can always try for then.

Bentonville half is only 6 weeks away!! I got kelly and I registered so there is no turning back now!

This is the guest bedroom and I have been wanting to paint it since we moved in, but we decided we should do baby steps and finish one room at a time. So the guest bedroom got no love until a week ago. (sorry I am so late in the posting but snow pics were way more important!)

My sweet friend Abby came over to help and THANK GOODNESS she did. The girl is a machine with a paint roller! I will gladly pimp out her services for anyone that is interested! Here is my beautiful new guest room..

if you are wondering baby gift.. NOT MINE

I was trying to get the color here, not advertise for Bath & Body Works' wallflowers... If you can't tell it is a light green type kahki color.

Well after that I figured we did that in like 2 hours.. why not do the guest bathroom?

So here is that Guestbath..

Now if you will remember Jeremy Cavness at The Portrait Style took our family pics...

Well we go the proofs and they were so good of the whole family & the ones of kelly & I...
So we went a little crazy and ordered a canvas! I love the picture of kelly and I though and was haven't had any since we were married and we both look different so I figured we needed them. Well this is where my creative inspiration came in and now we have this in our dinning room. eventually I will have a china hutch in there but there is no eta on the hutch.

alright I have wasted enough time on-line this afternoon & have got to go get ready for Cross Canadian!!!


Anonymous said...

yay!! it looks greener in person though! I like the new look for the blog as well!

Melissa said...

Like the new color. You should put "before" pictures up so we can see the dramatic change. :-)