Thursday, February 11, 2010

blogger block?

So for some strange reason I could not think about a thing to blog about today.. Of course the minute i get home and I am faced with the prospect of folding laundry, balancing the check book, making dinner, & loading the dishwasher i come up with loads to talk about!
Well first off I have finalized my valentines menu.. thanks to some help from Jenni & her Pamperd Chef consulting & my BFF Rachel Ray. Get ready kids to be romanced!

Toasted Ravioli as an appetizer.

Next we have:

Pepper Crusted Tenderloin with Mushroom Marsala Cream & sweet potato fries

Lastly we have the most important:

Dark Chocolate Truffle cupcakes with whip cream

Now... tell me your mouth isn't watering? This kid is getting hungry just thinking about it!!

I told kelly that he was going to help and we could cook our romantic valentines meal together!

Saturday morning we have to run 12 miles. With a month to go before the run I feel like we are in pretty good shape. Next weekend we will be in CO SKIING and not sure the exact miles we will be able to get in from our hardcore ski days so i am considering that weekend a cross training weekend! Then the last weekend we will be the 13.1 mile run, which we are going to try to run the actual course from the 1/2 marathon.  Normally when we are training we hit the max run about 3 weeks out then you taper (or cut your mileage down) the saturday/sunday  before the race. So the weekend before the race we will be in Memphis for Sarah's wedding so that should work out ok.. maybe i can have kelly run beale street with me again and we can pretend we are doing the st jude again!
So if you live in NWA..or if you don't, go ahead and mark your calendar for the 13th of March and come cheer me on for my birthday run! I am hoping to a PR and I could use all the support I could get.


Hannah said...

The food looks freaking amazing!

One question thought... WHAT does PR mean??? I can not figure it out! :)

cortney mae said...

Personal Record

Summer said...

That food looks yummo....
Have a Happy V-Day
Summer :0)