Thursday, February 18, 2010

my mind is in montana

Ok so I am not really going to Montana, but it flowed better than Colorado..
Oh but now that I think about it I have gone to Colorado in my mind (james taylor? Anyone?) oh well I am to lazy to change the title now!

So I got my bags packed.. yep I pack mine like a week ahead of time so as to have plenty of time to pack my husbands the night before. Anything earlier than the night before is just tooo much for him to handle! So my bags are packed complete with my new favorite item in my closet:
Also have them in Peacock

Eddie Bauer First Ascent Base Layers. If you don’t have some, but some while they are on sale.. HERE they are amazing. If I could live in these I would. They even have little thumb holes so the sleeve will cover about ¾ of your hand in the cold in case you don’t want to wear gloves! My friend gets a pretty good discount at EB & I got some for running & skiing! They are on sale now so go buy some, you can wear them skiing, hiking, camping, running, biking, or if you are super hot like Jessica Biel you can wear it around town with JT.

Since my brain is on vacation…here are some things for Thursday!

Kelly and I have been going to a class at church, Love & Respect. Well they have been talking about how if the husband doesn’t feel respected he will be unloving to his wife. If the wife feels unloved she will be disrespectful. They call this the crazy cycle. Well we were having people the other day and there had been this pile of papers sitting on the kitchen counter for about 2 weeks. Kelly made a very big point to tell me not to move these papers AT all. So I haven’t, but with people coming over I wanted the eye sore to be put away and the counter clutter free. Well afterwards Kelly went looking for the papers and they were no longer where they were supposed to be. I calmly told him they were in the cabinet from when we had people over. He then starts to angrily complain about how he told me not to move the papers. I begin to tell him again WHY they papers were moved.. and that you would think after 2 weeks he would have done something with them in the first place. We then begin to get on the crazy cycle. Well Kelly looks at me and says..
“You know what? We are on the crazy cycle and I am not mature enough to stop, so you are going to have to.”

REALLY? There were two reactions that went through my head, laugh or throw the apple that I was holding at his face.. So at this point I choose to walk away.

Next up:
My morning, it was a bad morning today because of my breakfast. Every morning in the winter I eat oatmeal. We buy a big bulk box of oatmeal and that is what I eat. Well I love the different flavors in the box, EXCEPT the cinnamon apple nastiness. I make Kelly eat all of those. Well he has been slacking on eating them and now that is all we have left! So until we can purchase a new box all of the current box needs to be eaten! I hate cooked fruit. Hate, hate HATE it! I Don’t like it in pie, I don’t like it in cobbler, and I especially don’t like it in oatmeal!
he hates cooked fruit too

Very important questions that need answers.. from me.. & you!

1.If you could be any superhero which one would you be?
That is a tough one.. I would have to pick a female so I would say- Jean Grey

2.If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of the year what would it be?
HUMM at first I would say the Market Place, but the more I think about it breakfast is my favorite meal, so I pick Mimi’s.

3.If they made a movie of your life who would you want to play you? What about the other important people if your life?
I would want Kate Beckinsale to play me because I am in love with her, and Ryan Renolds to play Kelly, well because lets face it, I am in love with the double R as well!

Now for the rest of the people in my life...

My Mom: Kelly Preston
My Daddy: Jack Nicholson30 years younger looking, with the attitude and personality from Bucket List & As Good as it Gets

Julie: Courtney Cox

Bobby: Steve Martin cause he looks like him and there are things he does that reminds me of him

Kaylee: Lacey Chabert

Kurt: Vince Vaughn

Sara: Charlote from Sex in the city

Emily: A combination of SJP & Britney Murphy in Uptown girls

Carrie: Miranda Lambert minus 20 lbs.

Patrice: Thandie Newton from Mission Impossible
Jenni K: this picture really confirmed it.. girl is so in to the book she is walking and reading!

Noblin: He is from NCIS, he likes to think he is a ladies man, and can quote every movie or song.. perfect for nob.

Hannah Montana: Kate Hudson

Sarah: Isla Fisher
Abbs: Kristen Bell

What do ya'll think??

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Outgoing, fun-loving, & adventurous

Dream job?
Events Coordinating

Celebrity Crush?
In case you missed it.. Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Childhood show?
The Get-a-long gang

One Genie wish what would it be?
Paid off my loans

If you HAD to change your name what would you change it to?
Charlie or Emmaline (emma)


Anonymous said...

I believe the song you are thinking of is "Going to Carolina"

I am assuming that is a different Abby... or its a personality thing?

Even though we havent been in class I have been putting our crazy cycle to the test :-)

Hannah said...

Friend. Kate Hudson?!?!? LAME!

I want to know your thoughts behind this lazy A answer.... bc I think you just got lazy and didn't want to take the time to think of something better. But Sarah as Isla Fischer? Heck yes... that's perfect! :)

PS... I'm totally jealous you are in CO right now!!!!! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!