Tuesday, February 9, 2010

22 & tuesday

Workout summary:
5mile miles, pace: 8:34, total time= 42:50.
Umm lets just say it was 22 degrees today with a wind of 20mph. 
The run was really tough at lunch today.. mostly because it was FLIPPING freezing with some brutal winds, but a little bit had to do with the fact that I was minus my running group..& minus my “coach” running and giving me the “come on” hand signals as I struggled behind him. The good news was that it was a PR run!
Some things that I am thinking about today…get ready for the randomness..
*I have added a new item to my birthday list…

or maybe this one?

You can get one here
I wanted one at the concert, but they were 30 bucks and a little out of the budget!
So I have added this to the list of things that I would like! It is so cute and only 17 bucks!
I have also decided I want the Zach Walther CD and this is only 10, such a bargain! You can get it here

*Next up, my bruised butt! School was canceled this morning due to ice/snow.. So it took me a little longer than normal to get there. Well I get out of the car and climb on to the sidewalk. Well I slipped on a patch of ice. Let me describe the catastrophe, feet over my head, butt crashing to the concrete, coffee spilling into my hair and running bag going flying. I hit so hard the vending machine man crawled out of his truck to check on me. It was a mix between pain and embarrassment as I told him that I was fine and didn’t need help. I hobble on in to work and try to dry my wet jeans. To make the day even better, security sent me a message telling me that they saw the crash and it looked like it really hurt. REALLY? Thanks ever so much!
*My friend Abby came up with a celebrity that looks like me..

* I had a massage yesterday, Adrianne at Massage Envy. She was really good! She told me that i had a lot of tension in my sholders. She said that the good news was that my muscles relaxed easy, but she could feel how tight I was.

* I am almost 1/2 way done with Deathly Hollows & it is stressing me out! I can not tell you how suspenseful it is? I want to know who dies & I need to know if harry & jenni end up together!!
* Bentonville half marathon is 4 weeks away. I have to run 12 this weekend with my time goal of 8:55. We shall see I am trying not to get to tired this week and maybe be closer to my goal this time.
* Valentines day? OH GEEZ... I don't quite know what we are going to do for valentines day. We have very strict budget and here latley we have had some unexpected financial things come up. So we are even more hardcore right now. So we have 2 options right now.. make dinner at home or go out for burgers :-) sounds romantic huh?

* Toms? I am on the fence if I want some.. I kind of wan red sparkly ones, but so far I haven’t been able to find any that are plain red with some red glitter one them.. I have found some that are red & silver glitter. I think I want them! Only one problem.. I can’t find them online in my size! Do we think it is meant to be? Maybe I don’t need them? Thoughts??

*Tonight was supposed to be Bark for the Cure/Race for the Cure & Young Wives. Well Due to the weather we had to cancel both of them. I sad to miss both of them, but at the same time it is hard because it seems that everything I do is on Tuesday nights. They rescheduled young wives for next Tuesday, but I have Make a Wish next week!

Whether your style of the week is grunge or glam!

To Use: Spray throughout layers to add definition and texture. The Lowdown: A ménage á trois of rosemary, basil and spearmint meets all your needs for sexy separation or dirty texture.

* I bought this over the weekend. Nancy my fabulous hairstylist used it the other day when she was cutting my hair and I loved it, so I had to get some!Well it is wonderful! It is sort of a pomeade, but you have to spray it on to your hands and then use it to texturize you hair. I love it and thought I should share on my random post. Best thing is that it kelly & I both can use it!

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Anonymous said...

oo I am intrigued about the hairstyling stuff... where did you get it?
and...LOL about the falling thing, can you ask for the security tape so I can see it!?