Saturday, February 20, 2010

takin it back to the old skool..

Randomness (gasp! me be random!) for the day.
I needed a post.. a post with pictures that i found the other day on out external hard drive. I have many more, but i will save them for another uninspired day!
So flippin cute i could just eat him up!

For those of you who think you could never run or change your life style.. check this out..
this was kelly & I's engagement pictures in 2006.. and at the river this past year!

This is me and my papa.
I love my papa so so much. Whenever people would ask me if i was a daddy's girl or momma's girl i would tell them i was a grandparents girl! He passed away September 25th 2005 and to date that has been the worst day of life.

She gets it from her mama...

Graduation day! Yikes... look at that hair!

we went to the Dallas Arboretum

me and nana

high school

why hello bangs!

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