Wednesday, February 17, 2010

workin out wednesday in my golden shoes

Workout summary:

Distance- 5 miles; Pace- 8:18; total time 41:30
Another PR! Very excited about it!

Today my boss let me borrow his Garmin (GPS watch) and set my pace at 8:30, I think his exact quote was, “if you don’t run 8:30 you better just pack it up and go on home.” He then told me and the entire group that I work with that he was going to review my miles when I returned, which maybe be what motivated me to really hit the number. Then for the last mile I saw Heather (who is very fast and very competitive I might add) out of the corner of my eye. She kept saying how she hadn’t ran in so long, was sore, blah blah blah.. she’s a liar! She was picking up the pace so, this little voice in my head kept saying, “she is going to catch you, all that you have worked for on today’s run will be lost, don’t fall apart now you wuss.” Yeah, the voice was brutal today, but it was helpful and is part of the reason I ran a 41 min 5 mile run! FIST PUMP!

So last night I go to Make-a-Wish with a heavy feeling weighing on me before I even walked in to the room. I signed up for MAW, but I haven’t designated as much time to it as I should have and I was feeling pretty guilty before even sitting down. Well, to make matters worse The Chairman tells me that the Co-Chair has stepped down and would I like to take over that position. Now, let me also say that I currently hold the position of Member chair as well as was handed over the PR chair position when my sweet friends Hannah Montana and Sarah moved to the horrible town of LR. (I actually like LR, but it seems to have stolen several of my close friends away from me!) Well I looked at her and actually didn’t say yes! This is a big accomplishment for me! It isn’t nearly as good as saying NO with the conviction of meaning it, but it is a lot better than my standard Sure that I usually throw out when I am not jazzed about the question, but feel bad saying no!So if you are interested in MAW, we have a spot open for Co-Chair?!

Alright tomorrow is my last day of work before we head to Winter Park!! Our flight is due to land by 10:30 on Friday! So everyone say some prayers that everything goes according to plan and we can be on the slopes by noon on Friday!

Question is: If I run everyday in the CO altitude will I be as fast as the Kenyans when I get back?

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