Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Philanthropy Phun

Work out summary

Miles 4; Pace 8:30; Total Time 34:00 Another PR (personal record) run!
**Last night I did 20 minutes of P90X-the Ab ripper X DVD & holy cow it was hard & I am very sore today, which means I kind of want to do the video again so I can feel that sense of accomplishment!*

Today I felt like a four year old stomping my feet and refusing to go. I did not want to go, but due to the fact that I wussed out yesterday, I knew I neeeddded to go today. So what to do when you need motivation? Invite friends in hopes that they won’t let you back out of the run! Well we decided to go 4 and at first I was in the middle of the pack, but we hit the hill & I took the lead. For some reason I do very well on hills and I am usually able to make up some major ground on the down hills, which is exactly what I did today. So I won the proverbial race and finished ahead of the boys! It is a big day in my book!

Next up,

Make-a-wish! If you don’t know I am the Membership Chair for the Midsouth Chapter of Make-A-Wish. I am also very outgoing and in some type of a sales role at work which to most people signifies that I can do presentations. Which I can, I am normally not shy nor am I intimidated by a crowd. Which is why I will be speaking to several of out of local businesses regarding become a Wish Sponsor. I am hoping that my fellow bloggers can help me out with any suggestions or connections! I am especially hopeful that my friend Leslie at A Blonde Ambition can help me out with the Junior League in NWA.
Well I have a meeting tonight and I had a break though today! I am meeting next week with BHS (my old alma mater) and the FBLA program on Thursday to talk to them about Fundraising opportunities and how they can help grant a wish!

Bark For the Cure- I am feeling a tiny bit better about our progress. I sent my BBF Kathryn Ann some info on Bark & she came up with the FABuLOUS poster for me to hang up.. See below she is kind of a rock star!
I got these approved today and as soon as I get a few logos changed I will send them to the printer!!

My friend Hannah is working on the partnership forms and as soon as she is done with those I should be able to get them printed by next week if all go’s well! Then I will actually be able to start selling these paws.. Since the race is only 2 months away I REALLY want to make some head way on these and make some money for Komen. This is my first year and I am co-chairing & really hoping to stand out and make our event bigger and better than last year!

Skiing- my goal is to not check a bag.. my goal is to only fall 2 times the first day & none on the second.. my goal is to ski more that one black...My prayer is that me nor my husband will break anything!

24 Days until my Birthday & the Bentonville half marathon!

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