Monday, February 8, 2010

concert recap

Well I went to Cross Canadian Ragweed on Saturday and let me start with my frustration with George’s majestic..Please do not list on-line that the concert starts at 7pm. You are all big fat liars! We got to George’s at 6:30 on the dot because I really didn’t want to be late. Well I didn’t want to deal with a jacket so I didn’t bring one in. Well the line had wrapped around the building so I figured we better get in and not go back for the jackets!

Well while we are standing in line and these girls (whose recreational drug of choice has got to be meth) roll up next to us and scream out to us.. Here is a recap of the conversation.


Me: “Yep”

Meth Face: “IS IT SOLD OUT?”

Me: as I make a point to look at this sign….”yep.”


Me: “Um, nope, but Cross Canadian Ragweed is.”


Yep.. you are welcome for the play by play!

So we stand in line from 6:30 until 7:30 (yes and please remember the concert starts at “7”) Well at 7:30 they let us in, but they only let us in to the front of George’s where the only thing to do was buy a CCR t-shirt for the bargin price of 30 bucks..By 8:30 people we getting pretty rowdy so they finally opened the doors and we all filed in like a cattle coral. We finally get to the back room where the concert is supposed to take place and we rush to the front of the stage. We stood there for the next hour waiting for the flipping band to start! The opening act I had never heard of, but I really liked Zach Walther?

When CCR finally came out they played for about 2 hours and it was good, but they didn’t play as much of their old stuff which I know you can’t expect them to since they have a new cd.. but come on they have 4-5 pretty big songs and they played one. Fightin For, they didn’t even play Alabama! But again I really like Zach Walther so I walked away wanting a new cd!

So I come home Saturday/Sunday to this..

Our sprayer on the sink has been broken for a while, well I guess that Kelly felt the need to take the entire sink apart and fix it while I was gone! I about had a panic attack.. thankfully for him I was so tired I didn’t have the energy to wake him up and demand to know why our sink was in pieces all over the kitchen.
So after church on Sunday and a little trip the home depot. I now have a brand new sprayer.. turns out he is kind of handy?  Who knew.. i was quite sure i would end up with extra parts when it was all said and done.. but thankfully the sink is back together with no extra parts and a new sprayer!

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