Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wind at my back

Another workout Wednesday…

So I ran on Monday at lunch cause I wasn’t able to run over the weekend thanks to the snow and ice.. Well I ran my 4 miles up and down the side road of J B Hunt’s access road. I could tell people were super angry at me for running on the little bit of road that was not covered with ice, but I didn’t care! So I ran my 4 in the snow and ice.. it was quite nice.

Well today was my group lunch run again..I thought we were going to do around 5-6 ish.
I forgot the great thing about having your boss in the running group is if he wants to run long I am allowed to run long too! Well today he decided to run for 8 flippin’ miles.
It was a tough run with a lot of wind, but we ran 8 miles total time 1:11:20 with a pace of 8:50.
I am very proud of myself. That is a PR for me!

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Hannah said...

Question.... what is a PR????