Friday, April 23, 2010

like a fat kid who loves cake...

Tonight was Kitchen Queens. My Fabulous friend amanda invited it to me so of course i had to go..
Well the theme was Spring Brunch. I have an amazing recipe from Paula Deen for a steak and egg casserole, but the party as at 630 and there was no way I was going to be able to cook it before then, so JWOW let me come over and use her oven, i know she already has a bun in her oven, but she shared her actual oven so I could cook a bacon and asparagus quiche. Well I have never made this recipe before which we all know is never a good thing! Well it wouldn't set up and i was so stressed. I just kept looking a gin-nea (forest gump?) and saying "it isn't setting up, they will never let me come back"
Well thank goodness it set up and I was allowed in the door..But it may have been better if they a hadn't let me in the door, cause i fo sho ate like a fat kid loves cake.
I really did have a lot of fun! I met some really sweet girls and had some really good food!

I  met sweet rachel, who is 100 % fabulous! she was so funny and has the cutest kids!  There was so much good food and everyone was so sweet to me. I am glad I went!
So I come home and get ready for bed stat! Why you may ask? are you an AARP member.. nope but i am tired and busy.
Thursday night i had a plan to go to bed early, well we had internet issues. Kelly was working/ stressing the freak out about his paper and all the sudden the internet goes down. So of course we can't get on the internet to call for help so I had to text everyone that i knew would be near the computer to get the number.
After talking to the att girl for an hour out internet still wasn't fixed. (ps. when the tech support says.. "humm how do you say, moving, light" i reply.. "oh, you mean BLINKING?" "yes," says the tech girl, "that is the word, is the light blinking?" That may be a sign they aren't currently living in good ole arkansas, or for the USA for that matter)

So by 9:30 pm Kelly heads to the square, where they have wi-fi. A lot of our friends said he could come over, but we felt bad.
 Well while kelly is gone i grab callaway pull him up on the bed and start reading my new book.. Francine Rivers Redeeming Love. Since callaway hasn't been able to get on the bed since his UT infection he was so excited and promptly fell asleep on my pillow.. precious.

They next thing I know there is a door slam and I hear,
" I could have been dead!"
It was about 11ish and kelly was just getting home.
"what Drama Queen," I replied half asleep.
" I have been gone for 2 hours and you didn't even call to check on me, I could have been in a ditch."
I think I responded with some sweet remark live, "well OBVIOUSLY you are not. so shut he light off and leave me alone"... needless to say, that didn't work he left the light on a banged around for a good 30 minutes.
So at 4 I get up to let the dog out and I can't go back to sleep..which is why this fat kid who loves cake is so tired.

Friday I have a half day and work! I wish it was a whole day. This week has drug on and i am have a crazy hard time keeping eveything straight.
Anyway I have to set up and get a bunch of stuff ready for the race on saturday and needed at least a half day to get it all taken care of. Next year since i am Co-Chairing the ENTIRE RACE all 12,000 people I may need the whole week!
I also haven't ran but once this week since I have had something almost everynight.  Hopefully tomorrow I can squeeze a run in, and maybe get some sun on these casper style legs...
I enlisted my artistic friend abby to come over and help me paint paws. The boys of course were hard at work inside

These are the a-frame signs chad made me for bark sponsors.

first coat

abs making my stencil

callaway REFUSING to be ignored.
He loves abby.. i think cause she gets him all rowdy!

This is my sweet pup contemplating walking through the paint...
sure enough he did.
there was a little trial of white paw prints.
please excuse the mutt hair cut. he went to the groomers this week
He has to be super handsome for Bark for the cure!

Hope to see you all at Race for the Cure, Bark for the Cure, Kids for the Cure, or Teens for the Cure.


Anonymous said...

I hope no one else thinks those are bear paws :0/

Those books are on my reading to do list!!

Rachel said...

You are so sweet too Courtney!!! We are so glad you came and you better come back next month =)!!!