Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sick as a dog

For those of you who know me.. you know that I am borderline obsessed with my dog. Well Monday morning I woke up and almost went in to the fetal position.
Callaway is a fabulous dog, I know I may be a little bias, but he is. He never has accidents in the house. Other than the first 2 weeks of potty training we never had them. So when her woke me up whimpering early Monday morning I went to let him out only to be shocked by this pile of sickness next to this blood pool. Again, I almost had a melt down. He just put his little head down and lowered his tail, like he knew better and was so sorry, I just picked him up and held him. With tears in my eyes I picked up the phone to call the emergency vet. They told me that they closed at 7 and by the time I loaded him up in the car and drove to Springdale my vet would be open and a much better option. I realized in my cleaning of the accidents he had 2 more throughout the night. I went to wake my husband up, knowing that his level headedness was the only thing that would keep me from flipping out. Immediately he got out of bed and went to check on Callaway. He took him outside to see if he needed to go potty & when Callaway tried to potty he let out this heart wrenching yell. I think both of our hearts broke a little.

So what to do.. call dad! He called his friend who is a vet & the vet said get to the Dr. Asap.. it is probably kidney stones or a Urinary infection. Neither is life threatening, but they are very very painful on the pup. So I call the boss, tell him I am running late and head to the vet. PS. It is 7:30 at this time & the vet doesn’t open until 8. So I take callaway out of his pet crate and we sit on the steps until they open the door for me at 740!  What? Don’t judge me. This is my child. So I drop him off, wipe my raccoon eyes and head to work.

I will have you know that my husband was fabulous throughout this whole thing. I was secretly worried that if something ever happened to the dog he would say the dreaded words of, no we aren’t going to fix him. Thank God he surpassed my expectations and just told me to call before I made the final decision.

Osage (best vet ever) vet called around lunch time, just late enough in the day for me to have chewed off most of my newly painted nails. They told me he had a severe Urinary infection and they would keep him the rest of the day for observation. He also had to have a catheter. WHAT? My poor baby had to have a catheter! They gave him lots of pain meds and told me I could pick him up yesterday afternoon.

It really did make me sick to my stomach when I had to go pick him up and his whole underside was a yellow red color. The Dr. said the infection mixed with the catheter cause leaking that he couldn’t control.

So I scooped him up and took him home to baby him like nobody’s business. He went to bed pretty early and since he was in so much pain and couldn’t control himself he had to sleep in the bathroom. I will spare you the details of what I woke up to this morning, but let me tell you he had a rough night. As soon as I turned on the lights he laid his ears back and tucked his tail. I really think he felt ashamed.

I know that some people will think that I am crazy, and that is fine. I also know that some people would be the exact same way. Which ever one you are say a little prayer that my sweet pup gets over this soon it is killing me.


Anonymous said...

:-( ugghhh I hate this post. I am so sorry!! I went through that the very first night I got scout, and the next morning found out she had parvo. And I was already heartbroken after only having her a day. my prayers are with you gyus and precious callaway.

erin f. said...

Oh my, this is so sad! I almost teared up reading it.

I hope that poor little doggie gets better soon!