Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ode to my babie

Our 4 year anniversary was April 15th. We have been so busy we didn't really get a chance to do anything for it. We went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, Table Mesa!. We go there or Fred's Hickory Inn pretty much any time we get a chance to go out to eat-read- when I budget it in! So we went to Table Mesa for dinner, we tried the cheap dates (bacon wrapped figs with goat cheese) they were absolutely amazing. I threw a bit of a fit for the cheese dip because I love it. If we weren't in public I may have started stomping my feet for it, but thankfully kelly gave in and let me have it! We shared the crab enchiladas. Crazy huh since I can't stand seafood, but it sounded kind of good and I am not opposed to trying new things. They weren't bad actually, a little crabby, but not bad..

We came home and opened our cards to each other. Kelly got me one that said you are the flip to my flop. It was a friend card and not in the least bit romantic, but he wrote sweet stuff in it and it was very fitting for us.
It really got me thinking about how good we are for each other.
I am completely and totally anal and as much as I hate to admit it I am kind of a control freak who really likes to have a plan. I have a tendency to stress myself out about things that are entirely out of my control. They are usually things that are beyond my control too. I have gotten a lot better and have learned to let God handle most things, but ever once and a while I need a dose of syrup to calm me down. (one random day I sent Kelly a text that told him you are the syrup to my pancake, I think he thought I was insane!)
I am so thankful that Kelly and I were put in each other's paths. Kelly being in my life has blessed me in so many ways. Before we were together I never really had a strong faith.. I had a bible and had been to church plenty of times before & knew better than to have sex before marriage, and there were time when I even felt really close to God. But, I wasn't a strong Christian. Once Kelly and I started dating he started talking to me more and more about my faith and eventually I started going to church on a regular basis.

Freshman year of college Kelly had a really good time and was sent home for the summer to repay the thousands of dollars he racked up on college debt. I left he at the airport in mid May crying my eyes out because I knew I was going to go the whole summer without seeing him.  Well after the summer was over I was expecting to see him, but his family moved to AL & his parents wouldn't let him come back so the summer turned in to a semester. We went for 8 months without seeing each other!
During that time I met some wonderful girls at Harding and I really learned what it means to be a Christian and how I need to live. It was a tough time to be apart, but I know that God had a plan and it really was the best thing that could have happened to us.

You are my rock. You make even the worst day better just because I know I get to come home to you.

You make me want to be a better person & then you help me to actually achieve being a better person.

You make me laugh and not just laugh, but a deep soulful laugh

You keep me calm

You introduced me to so many things:
Running, Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, & Golf

You convinced me to get our precious puppy

You helped me to learn to cook

I love how supportive you are when you know I have taken on so much.

You tell me I am the best wife ever and you tell me how proud of me you are

You know me better than anyone

How sometimes you randomly dance

How cute you are when you play with the dog

You like dessert as much as I do

You indulge my neurosis

How most of the time I can make you laugh and you can't stay mad at me

You let me sleep with the fan on all year round

You like to be as cold as I do

Even though you hate them sometimes you bring me girly movies

You will go to the library for me

How much you talk about me to other people

You have such big ideas

How you have leg twitches in you sleep

That you are my own mcdreamy...
Have a wonderful Monday!

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Rachel said...

Sweet sweet post!!! Loved it!!!