Monday, April 19, 2010



originally I was planning on writing about my super busy super fun weekend. BUT, my friend jenni from the block dropped somthin major on me tonight & it has just worked my all up!
If you haven't guessed by my oh so creative title.. it is babies.. but for as long as i can remember i have called them bebes.. i do it all the time, i don't even realize it any more, in fact i say it to strangers and they look at me like i have lost my ever lovin mind, but that is what they are bebe's .

Well Kelly and I had, had being the operative word here, a 5 year plan. We were going to have bebe's in 5 years. Well for a while we were thinking about 6 or 7 years. I know this has just rocked our parents world, but we wanted to be able to have as much time together as possible. Also, we have vowed come hell or highwater we are going to go to Italy before we have kids. Neither one of us have been and we both want to go sooo bad that we made that commitment we would not have kids until we were able to go and see Italy.

Honestly though it seems like lately everywhere we turn people are having babies.
First up was everyone from church. We knew this was going to happen and it really wasn't such a big deal since we hadn't come accustom to then alone let alone with bebe's. Next was my friend emmy. Emmy was the one friend in college who i thought was going to be straight up SJP and move to the big city. She and Hunter got married a year after Kelly and i did and last year we she told me she was prego.. it was even more surreal. Even seeing her with her baby bump it still seemed hard to believe she was having a bebe of her own.
Last thursday I was at the painting party talking to one of the girls and she told me not to wait until i really wanted them, because she had 6 miscarriages.  Same thing happened at lunch the other day I had someone tell me my eggs could dry up.

Then last night at life group we are sitting there surrounded by bebe's and all the sudden kelly bends down and picks one of the little girls up. I was absolutely floored. Kelly is almost scared of kids and to see him pick little ava up made my stomach kind of catch. It was really cute to watch him play with her and it did make me think even harder about that clock that could be ticking.

So today for the icing on the cake my sweet friend Jenni from the block tells me she is preggo my eggo. WHAT? I mean i didn't even know she was trying and then she drops that on me today.
I am so excited for her and think it is going to be awesome, but it is real now. I know this may see hard to explain, but it is like now i will really know a pregnant person. I was an only child. So i never saw it with my mom, and when my cousins had bebe's we were in Dallas so i never saw them, even with Emmy i was in NWA while she was in the rock.. Now, I know a real live pregnant girl. She is like my very own circus attraction (sorry jlo!) I will be able to watch this whole thing go down and i am kind of excited about it.

NOW.. for all my friends who are bebe free.. calm down.. it aint' happening anytime soon.. we still have to become world travlers.


Anonymous said...

few!! You scared me a second ;0)

emily said...
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emily said...

I'm thinking this over. I am a real live person, and I still could be SJP. Babies don't equal end of life experiences! To believe that, I would say you need to wait...skip across the pond, report back and then we can have Bebe 101.