Monday, April 26, 2010

run like a girl

Work out Summary:
Thanks to my motivating husband & my running partner heather I went to rush hour tonight.. otherwise know as runners hell...

Mike Rush of Rush Running does a speed training every monday night & we use to go. I use to be sooo slow, in fact, one girl told me one time that she admired me how I may be the slowest one out there but I keep going. Really? Hey anorexic annie thanks for the compliment. Well when we were training for the marathon we had a hard time fitting it in, but now that we aren't training for anything major we wanted to hit it up again.
Back to my summary:
1x800 (2 times around the track or 1/2 a mile) at 5k pace
That for those of you who don't know is what you hope to run 3.1 miles in. The first time I went to speed it was 28-29 minutes. This time I was aiming for 23 minutes for my 5k. Which meant I needed to run my 800 at 3:42. 
then take 30 second break and
2x300 (almost all the way around the track, right around the 2nd curve) run that a little faster than 5k pace, which meant I was running at 1:10, do this 2 times.
then without a break 
2x400 (1 full lap around the track) at about the same pace I did 1:40 to 1:48
then you rest for 30 seconds
1-800 same pace as the first 800...
take a 2 minute break and repeat.
Yes that is right... REPEAT!!!
So that is what I did. I could tell I had gotten a lot faster and didn't even run with music, but at the same time mentally I was ready to wuss out. My shin's have been hurting and if it had not been for Kelly & Heather repeating the sets I may have hobbled off and used the shin as an excuse. Thank goodness they were there and pushed me to keep going.

Total distance- 4.75 miles
Pace- 7:28
Total time 35 minutes and 28 seconds.
then we did a round of plyometrics and I almost threw up

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