Friday, April 16, 2010

I am a painting princess.. dis b srus

***Spoiler Alert*** If You are my MIL.. Don't READ.. it will ruin the Mothers Day Surprise***

So yesterday was my anniversary, but my sweet friend Amanda called me earlier in the week and asked to go to a painting party! I was really excited and figure Kelly wouldn't care that much, but I wanted to be respectful and call. No surprise Kelly told me to go. I figure it was for his sanity just as much mine. We both have been pretty busy the past few weeks, but this week has been crazy & next week will be even worse. So, I am sure he was like, yes crazy train go unwind for a night and come home normal!

This post will be dedicated to the pretties I painted with. I will do a sweet and sappy I love you post to my husband later.. he won’t read it so I am in no hurry.

Pretties Painting.. was hosted by Holly, I go to church with Holly & I have always looked at Holly like she fell straight out of J Crew and is way to cool to talk to me… But she is Fabulous and one of my new favorite people.. which I may have several new favorite people after this night. So Holly is hosting this party at Shadow Valley. When I hear it is going to be at SV I am a little intimidated and feel like I should have got my hair did and stop by the car wash before rollin up in my Jeep. Thankfully they allowed me in, and thankfully I was wrong with my stereotype, all of the women we so sweet. Amanda Faubus was our teacher. Let me tell you about Mandy, she is what I would refer to as The North Face Beautiful. She is the girl on the REI catalog, or riding bikes on the front of the Lewis and Clark flyer and looking so naturally pretty it makes you do a double take. She is also they girl who can rock a wife beater and jeans and make it look so trendy it should photographed. Then not only to add to her aura of faubulsness (last name faubus & fabulous…anyone?) She is the sweetest most patient teacher ever. She was teaching 10 wine educed women to paint. She could get a medal for that. Lastly the girl is unbelievably talented check out her website here. I know I may sound a little stalkerish now, so I will stop. Check her out here

Mandy mentioned that she may start doing more parties like this one & if you get a chance you have got to go. It was so much fun! I sat next to Amanda.. and she is also one of my new favorite people. She cracks me up. I love how much energy she has, she is like me in that sense so hanging out with her makes me feel normal. Also, girl told me about this girl who b-friended her on facebook. Well Amanda follows her cause she always posts the crazy things on her status.. and she doesn't use vowels.. so the title is my shout out to her.. ps writing with no vowels is very difficult!
Amanda, Erin, & Stephanie
Stephanie has the cutest little girl. we love sitting by them and church just to see what Taylor will do next!

Me, Erin, & Amanda

Erin & Holly

This was one of the options you could paint..
it was to hard for me!

Mandy helping with the pear

Holly's H

Met her last night.. think her name is Chrissy.. love her too!
She was telling us about her dramatic daughter, who sounds a bit like me as a child!
Amanda's W

Erin made and E for her sweet bebe girl Ellie

Holly's H

allison's pear

It was a wonderful night! I had so much fun & haven't laughed that long in a while.. Can't wait for the next one!


aWare said...

YOu are too funny! You were a ball! We have got to get together again...maybe this time on the patio with the guys!

erin f. said...

This was so fun! So glad you had your camera!

Anonymous said...

is this what you were telling me about but renigged my invite! THANKS A LOT!

PS. I guess you never thought I was too cool to hang out with...
MAN I'll never be that girl