Thursday, April 15, 2010


Gasp... What is that I see? A piece of Cel-blog-rity???

Ok So all of you who are reading this and thinking I have lost it.. Remember,

Sick pup + up all night = Totally Tired Freak!

I got this award from A Fabulous Blogger! Hannah at I feel I have begun now that we are one.

This award couldn’t have come at a better time! It has been a rough week so far and it will continue to be rough.. After the 24th and race for the cure is over I am hoping I can breathe again.. and maybe get around to doing some pesky house work.

Part of my time this week and next will be donated to a MAW child Bryan. Bryan is getting his wish granted next week and saddest story ever his wish granter peaced out and left him with an unfinished wish! So Kelly, Kurt & I are doing the wish. Read: I am running around stressing out trying to plan a wish and then updating Kurt and Kelly on the status.

So since Monday my fabulous friends at work have been helping me to get some stuff working. They donated over a hundred dollar, got me some serious stash of Oreo cookies, & an entire party donated from McDonalds!I have to have all this done by Tuesday.. and combine that with Race for the Cure!

I am tried.. stressed… and going to be on the flippin news tonight.. I could cry right now.. I think I have over promised..

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