Monday, April 12, 2010

Hogeye hero

So this weekend was really busy. I like being busy, but at the same time I really hate when we are so busy we don’t really get a weekend. Friday night wasn’t anything to exciting.. watched a movie with the hubs, took the dog for a walk in bed by 10.

Saturday we got up early, I had a haircut apt on the square with sweet nancy who has cut my hair forever! While I was getting my hair cut Kelly was exploring the new store on the square called kupcakes.. It was really good, we had the breakfast kupcake!

After a few errands we had to hurry back home to get ready for Make-a-wish training.

Kelly and I are now official wish granters! The training was really good and I did learn a lot, but they had it on a beautiful Saturday, which made us both a little sad to miss such a beautiful day! After training we booked it over to the hogeye expo to pick up our packets.

Kelly was really kicking himself for only running the 5k.. Especially after he saw the really ugly t-shirt he got!

We left the expo and headed over to our friends Jimmy & Kelsey’s house. They were hosting a surprise party for our friend jess. They grilled out & we watched the Masters and just hung out so it was a lot of fun.
Sunday morning we had to be in fville by 645 to get ready for the race. We all met at the Walton Art Center to get ready.
There were 3 teams there:
Mark, Carrie, Jarrod, & Paul
Me, Shane, Heather, & Bryan
Carrie’s brother Marty, Andrea, Carrie’s hubs Scott, & Don

This was also how the order went for the race.

I had to race against Mark and Marty in the first leg. Marty is fast so I knew he was going to blow right on past me. Mark is fast too, but I knew I was good at the hills so I was hoping to be able to keep up with him. I had heard that mark was trash talking and going to try to get in my head, so I had a strategy. I was going to make up as much ground on the down hill as I could and then if & when he caught up to just stay right behind him as much as I could. At one point my watch said 5:30.. I was running down a hill at a 5 minute and 30 second pace. I felt pretty good through out the race and toward the last stretch I started sprinting, but I didn’t start early enough. He beat be by about 20 seconds. Dang it!

Distance 6.68, time 54:50, pace 8:13

I handed off to Shane and truly felt like I had done a good job so I am ok with almost beating him… we will just have to do another run soon so I can win.
jrod with his lightning fast legs i think he was at like 7 minute pace

ak bringing up the rear!

Carrie & Mark.. yes she is giving the peace sign!

Mark, Carrie, & Heather before Carrie & Heathers 3rd leg

carrie & jrod's hand off

after heather got the hand off from shane

PB & mark before paul started the 4th leg

carrie finishing, then carrie handing off to paul
Heather, Kerri, me & Carrie jo
Kerri came to cheer us on.. Love her!
This is after.. we are all so happy!
pb & his girls.. aren't they precious!
kelly & i after the race.. so cute i know!

team hale yeah..
um no i didn't pick the name..
Paul’s team won.. not sure on the official time yet..then marty’s team then us..

I am really proud of us though. Well, proud of heather & I.. we ran PR’s on a very hilly course.

Then comes my Hogeye hero..
Kelly placed 3rd in his age group!!! He ran the course in 23:40. He was mad and said he could have done a little better, but he got an award and everything! I am so proud of him!! He told us all yesterday that he was glad the group at work had made me faster, because in turn he had gotten much faster.

I really am thankful I started running with everyone at work. They really pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to be a lot better mentally and physically.
After the race we all went to US Pizza on the square. You would have though we had never eaten before!

We then went home and took an hour nap! Don't Judge!

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