Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy

That was how I felt on Saturday morning of race for the cure. I surprisingly wasn't in a complete state of panic. I took off a half day on Friday to work on stuff, and I got a pretty good amount of stuff done, including walking around with sarah writing all over the course with side walk chalk. By the time we finished marking the course it was 6 pm and time to go to the pasta party.

The pasta party was a lot of fun and if you didn’t go this year make sure and go next year.
The food is amazing! They had home made spaghetti with an amazing sauce on it, a piece of REALLY good grilled chicken, salad with home made dressing, & home made rolls.
They had cupcakes for dessert, and free beer and wine for those of you that would enjoy that. There was the cutest little boy there. He was about 16 months old and was decked out in seersucker pants. They were playing music and he walked away from his parents and started dancing. I took a video and I hope this works so you can see! His mom said he does it all the time at home.. he would just shake his little booty!!It was precious!

When we finished loading up the pasta party I went back to the venue to check everything out.. After working on a few more things and saying a prayer for no rain I headed home around 11ish.
The next morning at 4 am when my alarm went off I did not feel like PDiddy, nor was I ready to hit the city, but I got up put my orange committee t-shirt & some shorts on and left. At that time I was still in a calm state and pretty happy that the rain had held off. The minute I put my car in the parking spot it starts sprinkling. I ran to the registration office to pick up our golf cart & extra t-shirts and by the time I walk back outside it was pouring. With in seconds my shirt was soaked. The girl that runs registration felt so bad for me she handed me her windbreaker, but it really wasn’t much help since I was already winning my very own wet t-shirt contest and it was a hurricane outside. I do thank her though because otherwise I may have pneumonia today. The wind was so bad at one point it completly knocked over the cattle gaurd that we were using for a barracade.

I got back to our site and ran around like a mad women for a while, at one point I was trying to hang a banner and chad our race chair came and got me and told me to go inside there was lightning and me being on a metal pole may not be the safest thing. So I went inside grabbed a cup of coffee and took a 10 minute break and they moved the race back 30 minutes due to lightning. If you are wondering.. every single bit of our side walk chalk art was washed away!

Kelly got to the race at 7:45 in time to drop Callaway off with me then he had to go run. I had to oversee the Bark course and watch my butt sniffing pup until he was done… Let me tell you it was a chore! I also felt bad for the pup cause it was raining and cold outside.

When Kelly got back he picked up the dog and started the bark walk. Some of the dogs were so cute. One girl brought her baby bulldog and I just wanted to steal him. This other lady had a dog that looked exactly like the dog off of the Never-ending Story. My favorite was the cocker spaniel that had been painted pink and had a Mohawk!
Sarah and I started cleaning up right away since we had volunteers there ready to help. We got the venue pretty much cleaned up but then realized that one of our sponsors had about 8 pallets full of product left over to be distributed.

So I run over to the main venue and announce that we have pet stuff to give away. Well when I get back there is a group of women digging through our storage unit. I tried very very hard to be polite, but come one the unit was closed and the HUGE sponsor signs were enough to clue you in on where the free stuff was. So I ask them probably with a nip in my voice if I could help them. “Well we were just looking for some more free stuff.” Really I think as I look down and notice that each person is carrying 2 HUGE bags full of stuff, it looks to me like you have PLENTY of free stuff as it is! I however bit my tongue and point them to the huge sponsor tent. I mean come on! I get it, everyone knows that RFTC is a huge race and there is always a ton of stuff to give away, but there is a line and digging through our storage unit is crossing that line. Not to mention when you have 2 bags full of crap over your shoulder already.. I am going to go out on a limb here and say.. YOU might have enough, or you at least got the 20 dollars worth that you paid to enter the race. That is assuming that you entered the actual race and weren’t just one of those trashy free loaders who come just to take the free stuff.
Whew.. sorry it just really bothers me how people are sometimes.

After everything was cleaned up at are area sarah and I walked around to help other people finish up. By the time 12 hit we were both exhausted and ready to call it a day. Not to mention I was so hungry that I thought I was going to pass out!

I went home and was greeted by my sweet husband who told me how proud of me he was. I then promptly started a scalding hot bubble bath. My feet we so pruned I looked 101 years old. I sat in the bath for a good 30 minutes just trying to warm up. We grabbed a sandwich and I laid down for a 3 hour nap!

Just think.. I worked this hard on just one section of the race.. next year, I will have the WHOLE thing. Can you imagine how much time that is going to take!

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