Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Hero

So my friend Emmy had sweet bebe miles & I was fortunate enough to go to the shower in LR. Well one of my FAVORITE gifts she got at the shower..(omg em i just realized i never sent you that CD.. i am horrible.. kelly should be done with his term paper this wknd, ill try to get it done!) it was a cape for miles.. like a super hero cape. Well my friend Rachel is having twins and since I have been in love with the idea since ems shower I etsyed on up and found Katies Capes and sent sweet Katie a message asking about her Wonder Pet cape. I told her about rachel and asked if she could make me a special order and she was MORE than accommodating! I also told her when she shower was and that I needed them by this Saturday so sweet katie priority mailed them for me!!
For some reason the picture is really small.. Sorry

I guess you will just have to go to KatiesCapes site on Etsy and look at them there.. tell her I sent you she is Fabulous!!!

**Also, make sure and check out the woman who is my running motivators blog Skinny Runner. She is doing a give away and I would love to win it with the sore legs of mine!
Tomorrow night is our Class Reunion Planning Party.. Should be interesting.. I will try really hard to remember to take pictures since I feel like blogs are much more interesting when there are pictures to look at! No, I am not one of those people who lives for the class reunion to come back and avenge the people that were mean to me & I don't plan on being Romy or Michelle, but I do plan to attend and since my BFF kathryn ann was class president I wanted to help in the festivities.

About a month ago I ran in to Christie a friend of mine from high school, we got to talking and decided that we needed to get this party we planned a party to plan the party.. :-) Originally it was just going to be Christie, Kathryn and myself.. then we started seeing more and more people we knew and now the party has grown a bit.

Which leads me to a question for all my blogging friends.. What did you do? If you haven't had one, what would you want to do?

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