Friday, June 11, 2010

China wishes and sewing machine dreams...

Sew.. last night we had our class with Aunt Jemmima.. I love her! She is so patient with us.

Originally it was just going to be jlove and I, but Aunt J invited her neighbor over to enjoy the fun. Her neighbor (also a jennifer) has a sewing machine, but never used it.

We each were instructed to cut out fabric, one had a scallop edge to it. This one was going to be our bottom piece.

Well I was having a really hard time with it.

I even fell in to the 6 year old whine and fabric throwing tantrum.

"Jamia, I CAAANN'TTT DOOOO IT! Mine is horrible." Cue the foot stomp.

Jenni from the block looked and me and was like, "hey..if you anger her she won't let us come back. Stop acting like a child. It doesn't have to be perfect."

I then realized that my anal-ness in life has carried over in the anal-ness of sewing. I wanted it to be completely perfect.

Practice, practice, practice!
By about 8:30 we had worn out our welcome and decided that we would finish the rest of the apron next lesson.

My sad sad scallop.

First part of the apron..
Stay tuned for the finished product!

Next up is my China Hutch...
I have been searching for one for over a year now... They are crazy expensive and I can't seem to find one that is copesetic with all members of team carlson.

Well I thought I found one the other day when I was shopping with jjmcpreggo. Well they weren't 100 % what I was looking for so I kept it on the list.

Yesterday I found a picture of one I wanted.. except it was black.
Then this morning I got on craigs list randomly and fond this one!

I called Kelly right away and send him a picture. Then I emailed the seller and asked if I could come and look at it today.

Her name is Frida and she said I could! So I called Dad and asked him to meet me over there to check it out.

I don't like the color it is not the right color for me, but I am going to stain it a darker color.
I am soo excited I hope it works out!

Now my china dilemma

This is my china...
Kelly and I picked it out and yes I like it. I do however, LOVE RED. My entire kitchen & dinning room has red in it. There is also red in the living room, guest bathroom, and guest bedroom. What? Don't judge.. it is a Power color. Not really empowering me to say no to people, but maybe if I surround myself with red it will eventually rub off!
My dinning room now has this pattern. I have red plates these accent plates and I love it. The curtains are red, gold and orange..I love them.

Everytime I walk by the dinning room I get happy just to look at the color combination.

Which in lies my problem.

How to I do this?

Can I keep my red with the blue in the china hutch? Kind of to much huh?

I want to fill the hutch with not just my china. I would like to be able to get some from both grandma's and well as some from my mom.. Then put other things in it like a cake stand.. platter ..ect..
What if I put this on the table with the red and maybe some other blue accent?
or this one?

I think I like the top one best..
What do yall think??



Anonymous said...

I like the bottom ones, but also the tops the top is more modern as opposed to a vinatage feel. We have very different tastes though...

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love, love the last have such a cute blog design...

erin f. said...

I like that cabinet! I think you can make it super cute. My china cabinet is a very very old one that my mom and dad bought at an auction when they got married. My mom and aunts painted and fixed it up for me when I got married. I have had more compliments on that thing and you should have seen it before!

Also, I like all three of the dish sets, but I also like the blue. I think you could possibly mix it all together!

Also..Todd and I want to have you and Kelly over for dinner, but I lost all my contacts and don't have your number...could you text it to me when you get a chance?