Friday, June 18, 2010

i heart randomness

Last night as I was leaving work i go out to my jeep and it won't turn over. no lights no chugga chugga noise.. nada. I take the key out and try again. It starts.Done. So, i went to pick up a pizza for dinner at aunt j's house. She won't take money so jwow and i decided to pay her in food and fabric. We got the new artisan pizza from mazzios. pretty good. They tired to keep up with the fancy new domino's crust and did a pretty good job of it. After I picked up the pizza I ran by target to pick up a card for sassy A's bday. I wanted to get her a little somehting becuase i assume people love their birthday as much as i love mine, but I was rushed., didn't know what to get her, so i settled on a cute little serving plate and made peanut butter cupcakes for her.

Head to aunt j's. We were finishing our aprons and I was soo excited about it. She is such a wonderful teacher and so patient with us special kids.

Aunt J & Jenni from the block..

Jennifer got a little frustrated

almost done!!!

Jlow, Jamia, me, and Jennifer
Aren;t the aprons SO flippin cute?

So after our lesson I get in the jeep to drive home and all the sudden I am pulling out of the neighborhood and all the lights and gauges go out. They kind of flicker and then go out. Then they all come back on. Weird.
Guess what happens when I go to start it today? DEAD. nothing. SO dead in fact that the automatic door won't unlock. So it looks like we are a one car family until this weekend when we can get it replaced. Then I was thinking.. how blessed we are to have two cars. I can not imagine only having one car all the time. Going back and forth between lowell and bentonville besides kelly having bankers hours and me NOT having them the car pool situation would be a nightmare.

So needless to say we will be making a trip to walmart first thing in the morning! We are also going to the Famers Market and For me and MY house to show my MIL our china hutch we are in love with. Then my favorite resturant Table Mesa is getting new chairs and the owner Carl told me that he would let me get some of his old random ones! Speaking of the chairs. When julie saw the rooster chair and the crackle paint chair it was pretty much priceless. Julie is not an ecletic person by any means and the thought of randomness is not her design. She kept brushing her hand over the rooster and saying, "what are you going to do with this?"

"Nothing, I recovered it and i am done."

She still looks confused and says, "But can't you refinish the rooster off of this one?"


I love it. I love the mix. I love the randomness.

It also doesn't bother me in the slightest that some people don't like it cause I LOVE IT!

It is also very out of the norm for what I would normally pick, but here latley I have gravitated to more Anthropology look than that typical bed bath and beyond look.


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mmmmm loooove anthropologie... I subscribe to there cataloge