Monday, June 7, 2010

How do you do communion?

Last week was my friend Kelsey's bday and we (Jess, Kelsey & I) talked last weekend about having a get together for her bday. Well, Friday Kurt decided that he was running this show and telling "team Awesome" what we needed to do. Sadly though, Kurt isn't the best at communication. He would send out these mass texts with, "what are we going to do for K?" Then he would get super frustrated cause no one would respond and he would send out yet another message only this time with much more sass! I like love to plan things. So, I am always up for the organizing, but I also know that some people are not like that and may perceive my love for event coordinating to be on the controlling side which is why I tried not to step in and start delegating.

Saturday morning I got up and went to a little store Nancy (Nancy is my hairstylist that I have don to for about 12 years and I love her dearly) told me about. I was so excited to go because she told me that they have all sorts of things antique and eclectic. I spent about an 1 1/2 to 2 hours roaming around this store. These are times I really really miss Hannah Montana she would love a place like this and be able to find all the eccentric stuff with me. I was searching for chairs, but I found so much more and may have to make it a regular stop.

After I finished shopping I headed to the pool with megity meg where we met up with Kristen, Jess, Allysa, and Jamie. It was a lot of fun to have us all at the pool, everyone but Megs had met before and I was so glad everyone got to meet her.

When we got done laying out Kelly and I got ready to go to Jess's for Kelsey's bday party.

the amazing fruit pizza jamie made

We all headed over to Jess's and had a BBQ, we played some games and hung out for a while.

Alyssa & Jess.. kind of a big deal!

installing a bike rack.. no big deal

Sweet Karoline, Jess, & Kelsey

Kels & Jimmy

Kelsey playing jump rope? Not very well though.

KQ was pretty bad too!

Me, KQ & Sweet Karoline

Around 9 we headed over to fastlanes for the birthday girl to get her game on. After we had our fill of ski ball and dance dance revolution we went bowling. I didn't participate in the bowling festivities I was so full from all the yummy food I just wanted to sit back and listen to the trash talking. By the time we finished bowling and made it back to Jess's house it was well past 1230 and I was about to turn in to pumpkin. Besides, Kelly sprung on me that he wanted to go to early since he has a paper to finish!

guitar hero's Jess & Alyssa
i heart bowling shoes..

Dallas, Jess, & Jamie

Sunday morning my friend Amanda asked me to do communion for her. I had never done this before so I asked for instructions on what I needed to do. here is what I got, "Go to the kitchen in the AC the set up is on a rolly cart.  The crunk juice is in the fridge and the cups, cracks, and gadgets are in hte cabinet on the right... I will set up the cups if you fill the juice and the crackers."

So I walk in to the kitchen and see the cart. check.

Get the big ole jug of juice out or fridge. check

Look to the right of fridge for cracks and cups.. HUM? to the right of the fridge is the freezer. To the right of that would be the oven?? NO CHECK!

I start stressing and looking in every cabinet, before I make it all the way around I lift up the lid and see that the cracker are already on the tray. Check.

So I begin to pour the juice in to these little bitty communion cups. This is taking forever and I am spilling a ton of juice all over the place. I look around the kitchen for something that will make my job easier. I find a water pitcher and promptly begin to pour all the juice in to it.

I am still spilling a fair amount of juice, but I figured it was just a standard job hazard.

20 minutes later I am done.

As I walk over to the sink a guy comes in and starts talking to me about the communion and how he always gets roped in to things. As we are talking he looks down at my pitcher and asks what it was for.

I slightly smugly think in my head, "yep! I am so clever I thought of putting the juice in this pitcher and pouring from it rather than spend 45 minutes trying to fill every single cup of juice, I should let him in on this" When I tell him my insanely smart idea he kind of goes a shade of pink.

" Oh Honey! Bless your heart."

He then shows the "thingy" you use to fill each communion cup with the exact measured amount.

I am an idiot.

So I clean up and walk outside to Kelly where he is talking to a couple from church. He asks me what took so long.

I decide that I should probably enlighten them all on this "thingy" in case they ever have to do communion prep.


It must be some church right of passage that I missed out.

Darin starts laughing as I tell him about all the juice I spilled and how they will probably ban me from prep work ever again. He sweetly tells me that he will shake the tray violently when it comes to their turn to take it, this way people will think someone spilled as opposed to the special girl in the kitchen that happened to miss the memo about the "thingy."
I feel so bad for A, I am sure her communion privileges will be revoked after this!

After church I went and saw grandma for a little bit then headed home to check on hubs and see how paper writing was going.

I was then introduced to:

The lawn mower..

Growing up it was me and my mom and I would beg and plead for her to pay me to mow the yard. I mean what a better way to get a tan and make money?

Well ever so often she would agree, but I never did it enough to master the art that is lawn mowing.

Kelly appears out of the office with a stressed look on his face and asks me if I am going to get some sun today. I tell him that I would like to, but no one is laying out.

"Well," he replies, "you could always mow the yard to get some sun."

I feel very bad for hubs since he has been working on this paper the whole weekend, and it is not like I had anything super cool on the agenda.

For the record I would like to say I am kind of a big deal. I came in after mowing the back and Kelly was so surprised how fast I did it. When I finished the front and back in under an hour he asked if I had ran, when I told him no he had to come out and inspect my work because he didn't believe I could have done a good job when I finished so fast.

After he finished his paper we watched the Lovely Bones. eck. Not a fan.

I don't recommend it at all. Kelly even got bored and he never gets bored.

Last up this morning they held a press conference concerning the new Iphone. Guess who is jumping on the bandwagon and budgeting one in? This kid! I didn't want one. I was completely fine with the crackberry I use it for texting and my calendar and that is about it, I don't have the media package and really don't care. Well a while ago Kelly got a touch and he is absolutely obsessed with it. Which has caused a little i-phonenvy on my part. He also told me since I have been eligible for an upgrade since October I have to use it. If I choose to forgo the upgrade then he will take it and get the phone. He does remind me that one time I told him that I should get the "new thing first" (meaning, he always gets the new things and I get the hand-me-down) The phone is his way of making up for the new thing first syndrome that he has fallen in to. So, I am taking it and now that it has been confirmed and I know that it is happening I am super excited and I am counting down the days. 8 days until I can preorder & 16 until I can get the phone.

Here is what we learned about today. Write this down.

• Size-wise, it will be just 9.33mm thick, which is 24% thinner than the current iPhone 3GS.

• a larger battery that will offer 40% more talk time

• LED flash to supplement the new 5-megapixel auto-focus lens. The updated camera will have 5x digital zoom and will record 720p HD video at 30 frames per second. Videos captured can be edited on the device using the new iMovie for iPhone.

• Guitar Hero app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app will include classic rock songs by Queen and the Rolling Stones as well as newer artists. The app costs $2.99.


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