Monday, June 21, 2010

Take time to smell the flowers

We had a wonderful weekend with the in-laws. Their visits always go to quick. Friday night we went to Acambaro for dinner. Speaking of I was watching the TV that was on at the restaurant and Miley Cyrus was having a concert. WOW. She is much more scandalous than I remember and she kept doing the same headbang move over and over. It really annoyed me. I wonder where Billy Ray is and why he hasn't demanded girl put some clothes on when she is dancing around the stage like a hussie.

After dinner we went for a walk around Crystal Bridges and then rented Shutter Island. I made it about an hour in and had to head to bed. I was so tired from the late nights of talking. Saturday morning I got up and ran. My shins didn't hurt me, but It was sooo hot and humid I only went about 2 miles and got annoyed and my lack of motivation from the heat. After that Julie, Kelly, & I headed to the farmers market on the square. Kelly took some really good pictures, but again he has to download them so I can blog them.. this may be months from now! Here are some of the ones I took.

I also got 2 more random chairs for my table!!The owner of table mesa has a bunch of random eclectic chairs and I called him a few weeks ago and he told me to come by and he would let me pick out 2. So I took Kelly & Julie and they each picked out one.

Saturday night we went to Table Mesa for dinner and as usually it was so good! I got the Chicken Curry Burrito and Kelly got the Korean BBQ tacos and they were amazing! After dinner we went to watch the A-team and if I am truly honest I would say that I have a very large celebrity crush on Bradley cooper. Oh my goodness. I like the characters he normally plays not to mention he is not to bad on the eyes!

Sunday we got up and went to early service. After church we went to Crabby's for Fathers Day brunch. PS --get reservations! Thankfully so one no showed and we were actually able to eat, but most with out reservations were turned away to starve!

Then Last night I finally sat down to catch up on all my shows! I have started recording the next food network star and then Design Star.I did this mainly to have something to watch in the summer while kelly is focused on school.
So, last night Kelly says to me.. "We are watching another episode of Food Network Star."

"No," I say, "I want to watch Design Star."

"Cortney, I had to listen to practically moan over Bradley Cooper in the movie theatre... WE ARE WATCHING MY ITALIAN PRINCESS."

--this is Giada-- for those of you who were unfamiliar with her nicknames.

"Fair enough, I can't argue that one at all. Nor am I embarrassed of the truth of the statement."

Who is your celebrity crush?

I have a tie.. Ryan Reynolds and BC.

So if you get a chance go here and vote for Dan from Design Star he is from Springdale! JWOW even went to school with him!

We cruise in 5 days!!!
Don't worry though I have posts scheduled for while I am gone!!


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Anonymous said...

We saw the A-team twice! It was a great movie! By the way Bradley Cooper is WAY hot and the dark hair and blue eyes are dreamy!! :)
So glad to hear that things went great with seeing the in-laws. We met MIL and she is great!!