Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The iphone fiasco

So by now you know that I am getting an Iphone. At first I was leery and drug my feet for a while, but I have now been looking forward to it since they announced that no one at AT&T can take vacation in the month of June. I read the conference notes the day the phone premiered and promptly set a calendar reminder for 7am on Tuesday the 15th. When I got in to work yesterday I immediately opened the apple website and was faced with a never moving hour glass. So I opened up the AT&T site and tried to go through there. I made it all the way to the check out and the site timed out. I call AT&T and wait for about 10 minutes on for the customer service girl to tell me she is sorry and to try refreshing. Profound I know. So I refresh and get all the way through the process this time!! By 7:35 I have the confirmation in my email and the hour glass is still turning on the apple site.
iphone failure
Everyone else in my group at work had been kicked out, timed out, or not even able to be let in. So I think that this is some fluke thing and go one about my day until 4pm ish when I see a news story about the insane pre-order issues.

Here are some highlights in case you don't want to read all of the articles.

People stood in line for hours due to the heavy flow of site traffic.

The increased volume actually crashed the site, causing the stores to go to handwritten tickets, imprinting credit cards witht he inked paper, and in some cases close the entire store.

Some people were charged the entire on-line amount of 700 bucks.

You can't even pre-order until it is fixed!!

I guess I was one of the lucky ones yesterday. I was one of the few that were actually able to get through. I am kind of excited now. Normally I am always the one on the other end of the story, the one person that was in line for 3 hours only to get to the counter for them to say, nope sorry all systems are down. I am supposed to get it shipped to my house on the 24th. We leave for the cruise on the 25th. I may have a break down if I don't get it before then. I am so excited to start playing with it!

Today my in-laws are in fabulous Razorback country and I am making a list for all the things they need to see and do.
They lived here for about 3 years back in 97ish so a lot has changed. Normally they are in for a holiday or something specific and our schedule is pretty jam-packed. This time though there is a little gold on the agenda, but that is about it.
Here is what I sent MIL.. yall have any other sugggestions?
1. Table Mesa... my other true love

2. The Farmers Market

3. Hammontrees-- the gourmet grill cheese place in fayetteville
4. The Green Bean--another organic place
5. The Botanical Gardens in fayetteville

 6. Crystal Bridges in bentonville

and the running trail

any other fun things we can do?

Also, last night I went to our MAW meeting, and when I came home kelly was cleaning out the garage and the cars. Well since I had done all my stuff I went in and started watching tv. Well I saw the previews of Pretty Little Liars the other day and kind of sort of found myself sitting in complete awe wondering what was going to happen next. Sort of desperate housewives only not as out there yet. Some else equated it to a I know what you did last summer type show. Well it was on and I was hooked. I flipped through the guide, saw it, and hit OK. 10 minutes later I realized I was still standing half in my kitchen half in my living room engrossed in this show.

Kelly came in and grabbed the remote for the basketball game. I, not wanting to admit to my new obsession, got up walked to the laptop, plugged in the headphones and began searching for web episodes like junkie that needed a fix.

Kelly- "what are you doing babe?"

Me- Being the closet 17 year old, "umm looking at facebook" You know it is bad when you lie about being on facebook to cover up your guilty pleasure.

Kelly- "Humm, what is going on in Facebook?"

Me- "Oh nothing"

Kelly- As he gets up and walks by the computer, "You are a dirty liar! Are you watching ABC family??? What are you 13?"

Me- "shut up it is really good" I then angle the computer so he can't see the screen.
Hello my name is cortney and I am addicted to a tween show and can't admit it to my husband..

Not to mention I love Lucy Hale..



Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I love that show... Theron HATES when I watch ABC family shows!! love it! they are my guilty pleasures

Whitney said...

HAHAHA I love it too!! HMN makes fun of me and calls me a dork but I don't care. It is now officially dvr'd for the entire season.